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Business Action Overview

Our platforms enable business, policy and finance leaders to trigger lasting change in the economy

We focus on issues where business can have a significant impact on policy and practice and where collective action is required. We convene partners around problems of shared interest, then work with them to identify solutions and advocate change. By bringing together researchers with influential practitioners from across the globe, we foster an exchange of ideas across traditional boundaries to generate new, actionable thinking.

Low carbon transformation

Low-carbon-transformation 590 x 288Climate change is a profoundly important issue for business, with its capacity to shift markets, trigger regulation and generate opportunities and risks. What role should companies take in shaping the solutions? 

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Natural resource security 

Valley and mountain with mistIn an era of increasing resource scarcity, can companies learn how to enhance rather than erode the natural world?

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Strategy and implementation

Why undertake a maturity assesment? graphicWe help companies to make a strategic breakthrough by bringing sustainability to the forefront of their business model and social purpose. 

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Sustainable finance

stock market figuresMany people recognise that the finance system does not always incentivise or reward long-term thinking. So what could banks and investors be doing to build a system that does?

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