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Natural Resource Security

Our Natural Resource Security portfolio includes the Natural Capital Leaders Platform, a global network of companies working to manage their impacts and dependencies on natural resources; development and implementation of the Natural Capital Protocol as part of the Natural Capital Coalition; and The Nexus Network, an initiative to foster innovative research and practical collaborations across the linked ‘nexus’ of food, energy, water and the environment.

We also work with individual companies and support a number of business collaborations.

Current upward trends for consumption, population and economic growth across the globe are placing enormous pressure on natural resources, including water, biodiversity, soil and carbon, and the resulting impact on the environment looks set to increase at an alarming rate. Recent work has shown that globally almost half of all studied water basins face severe water scarcity for at least one month per year; extinction rates are on average one thousand times the natural background rate of extinction; and globally only half of soil nutrients used by crops are replaced. These trends will likely be exacerbated by changing consumption patterns and growing populations. This creates long-term risks to business, consumers and wider society who depend on the Earth's natural resource base.

In order to create momentum at scale businesses need a structured path to finding solutions. Through its Natural Resource Security portfolio, CISL is providing the structured path that businesses need to identify sustainability solutions and create momentum at scale.

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Natural Capital Leaders Platform

Natural Capital Protocol

The Nexus Network

Contact Gemma Cranston, Acting Director, Natural Resource Security Portfolio

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