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  1. About the Project


    Climate Change: Implications for Business

    CISL, together with the Cambridge Judge Business School and the support of the European Climate Foundation is summarising the latest climate science for the business community. These short, sector-specific briefings in different languages are based on the IPCC Fifth Assessment Report (AR5), the most comprehensive climate assessment. All documents have a Creative Commons License and are free to use.

  2. Transport


    Climate change poses complex challenges for the transport sector, including the need to make a series of trade-offs between costs and benefits of different future scenarios. As a sector, transport is not standalone but is closely linked to city infrastructure and energy supply.

    This briefing explores the challenges and opportunities climate change poses to the transport sector.

  3. Employment


    Climate change poses a severe threat to future sustainable development and to livelihoods around the world.

    This briefing looks at ways in which economic activity contributes to and is affected by climate change in rural and urban areas taking into account impacts on different economic sectors, infrastructure, poverty and migration.

  4. Extractive & Primary Industries


    Climate change impacts on the extractives and primary industries sectors are wide ranging and may affect aspects of exploration, extraction, and production of industrial commodities.

    This briefing explores the challenges and opportunities climate change poses to the extractives and primary industries sector.

  5. Investors & Financial Institutions


    Investors and financial institutions are, and will continue to be, exposed to risks and opportunities as a result of climate change.

    This briefing reviews how climate change is relevant to all investors and financial institutions, and gives an overview of the implications.

  6. Energy


    The energy industry is both a contributor to climate change and a sector that climate change will severely impact.

    This briefing explores the challenges and opportunities climate change and related policies pose to the energy sector.

  7. Tourism


    The tourism industry faces profound impacts from climate change – impacts that are already being felt.

    Tourism represents one of the world’s largest industries, accounting for some 9% of global GDP and generates 27 more than $6 trillion in revenues each year. This briefing reviews how climate change is already impacting the tourism industry and the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.

  8. Buildings


    In 2010, the world's buildings accounted for 34% of global final energy use and 24% of energy-related greenhouse gas emissions. Global final energy use in buildings, and related emissions, could double or even triple by 2050. 

    This briefing explores the challenges and opportunities climate change poses to the building sector.

  9. IPCC Overview Briefing


    This briefing serves as an overview document explaining the process of compiling the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change Fifth Assessment Report and its relevance to business.

  10. Climate Science Report


    This briefing is based on the IPCC Working Group 1 Report and summarises the physical science basis of climate and its projected impacts.

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