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Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership

We are inviting submissions for a competitive proposal for the supply and delivery to the University of Cambridge of the services set out in the below specification. 

Request for a consultant to support with the development of a strengthened business narrative and storytelling on the European Green Deal. This narrative must be informed by European companies, helping to mobilise business voices to keep pushing for the green transition, champion the Green Deal as the EU’s growth strategy, and demonstrate that increased investments in clean technologies can increase the EU’s competitive sustainability. The narrative would aim to demonstrate the economic and social benefits of climate action, based on scientific evidence and best business practices, and support the mining of compelling stories. This work should be conducted in collaboration with CISL’s European Corporate Leaders Group (CLG Europe). 


About CLG Europe 

Corporate Leaders Group Europe (CLG Europe) brings together European business leaders to accelerate progress towards a low carbon, sustainable economy. Through exchange of ideas, experience, and a dialogue with policymakers, the CLG facilitates solutions that support a resilient and prosperous future. Find out more: Corporate Leaders Group Europe 

CLG Europe is actively working on the EU’s transition to climate neutrality and delivery of the European Green Deal as European businesses can help deliver deep transformations across the EU’s energy systems, housing, mobility and industry using the Green Deal as its blueprint. 

CLG Europe members include ACCIONA, Amazon, Aveva, Ball, CEMEX, Coca-Cola Europacific Partners, EDF, Ferrovial, Iberdrola, Ingka Group IKEA, Interface, Hydro, Microsoft, Rockwool, Salesforce, Signify, Sky, Unilever, Velux, Anglian Water, DSM, Eneco, Hybrit, Lloyds Banking Group, Thames Water and Workday. CLG Europe is a founder member of the We Mean Business coalition. 


Scope of work  

The CLG Europe Secretariat is seeking a dynamic business and sustainability-savvy communications consultant to support the development of the business narrative and storytelling on the Green Deal.  

This narrative will demonstrate:  

  • the need for the Green Deal to remain at the centre of the EU’s growth strategy  

  • the economic case for accelerated climate action as a way to address today’s polycrisis (the combination of climate, energy, food, economic, and social crises),  

  • how the EU can ensure its competitiveness in the global markets through accelerating the clean energy transition. 

The project will involve assessing current business narratives (the scope will be identified together with CLG Europe Secretariat and the consultant) around the ambition and implementation of the European Green Deal. It will require attendance at the kick off meeting on 28 February 2023 and the CLG Europe Communications meeting on 16 March 2023.  Other workshop or meeting dates are to be decided with the consultant during the kick-off meeting.  


We request a proposal that covers the following aspects: 

  • Join the kick off and regular catch-up meetings with the CLG Secretariat and CISL comms team. Join the CLG Europe strategy meeting for 1-2 hours.  

  • Support with reviewing and reframing the current CLG Europe business narrative used around the European Green Deal, support with developing an overarching storyline. This would involve reviewing our current documents, moderating a workshop with the core team and providing a reworked narrative and message framework.  


Project deliverables:  

  • A narrative assessment document of max. 10 pages regarding current business narratives and messages:  

  • Preparation – reading / reviewing documents / existing narrative. 

  • Kick off meeting moderation with CLG Europe Secretariat and CISL communications team to review and discuss direction to take (28 February). 

  • Provide a reworked narrative and message house which will be further developed with business proof points (max. 8 pages). 

  • One or two storytelling workshops (one possibly to be combined with the story mining exercise) to equip the CLG businesses and relevant business partner networks with how to land messages with impact:  

  • Preparation – ahead of the workshop, provide some guidance to the companies and other relevant partners on what kind of stories they should be bringing to the table that would help substantiate the new narrative.  

  • Workshop moderation (CLG Europe Workshop is planned to take place on 16 March 2023. Business partner networks workshop date is to be decided with the consultant) 

  • After the workshop, provide a summary note (max. 10 pages per workshop) with the identified stories  

Please note that, following these activities, we would request a proposal for how to roll out a communications campaign around the results of this exercise.  


  • Established knowledge of effective communications approaches 

  • Experience developing influential company narratives and strategies   

  • Strong storytelling skills, both written and verbal  

  • Excellent stakeholder engagement skills 

  • Strong organisational, research and analytical skills 

  • High attention to detail 

  • Knowledge of EU policy developments  

  • Understanding of business perspectives  

  • Interest in sustainability and the green transition 


Deadline for applicants: 03 February 2023  

Shortlisting deadline: 06 February 2023 

Potential calls with shortlisted consultant(s): 07-08 February 2023 

Appointment deadline: 10 February 2023 

Contract start date: 28 February 2023 

A kick-off briefing meeting is provisionally scheduled on 28 February 2023. 

Deadline for delivery of final products will be decided during the kick off meeting.  

The service provider will also be expected to be available to participate in structured online discussions with the CLG Europe team over the period of the contract. Specific time and dates are to be confirmed.   


The University intends to award to the most economically advantageous offer or offers in accordance with the following criteria:  

  • Suitability of proposed approach (25%)  

  • Demonstrate understanding of brief (25%)  

  • Relevant experience (25%)   

  • Value of quotation (25%)  

  Expressions of interest  

If you are interested in applying, please submit the following information to by midnight on 03 February 2023:  

  • CV(s) (max 4 pages per person)  

  • Quotation ((including staff cost breakdown with an estimate of staff allocation, number of days and costings per task, excluding VAT)   

  • Examples of relevant work experience  

The University expects to decide award of contract/ appointment of the position by 10 February 2023. For further information or any questions, please contact us at  

Please note:  

Do not supply any goods or services until you have received confirmation that your proposal has been successful.  Acceptance of the proposal by the University will be in writing. A purchase order will normally be issued.  

The University will not reimburse any bidding costs.  

This Invitation is confidential. Do not discuss with any third parties the bid you intend to make (except professional advisers or joint bidders who need to be consulted) nor canvass your bid for acceptance.  

The University will regard submissions as confidential until award.  Information you believe would be exempt from disclosure under the Freedom of Information Act 2000 after award must be individually identified in your submission together with the reason for the exemption and for the non-disclosure period claimed.  

Variant bids may be submitted but must clearly identify all variants from the University’s specification and state all cost implications.  

Proposals and supporting documents shall be in English.  Any contract subsequently entered into will be subject to English law and jurisdiction. Unless otherwise agreed in writing, proposals and orders are issued subject to the University’s Standard Terms, a copy of which is available on request.   

Proposals shall comprise a response to the specification and a pricing schedule. 

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