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Impacts of cotton farming targeted

the environmentalist logo

15 February 2016: This article by the Environmentalist (£) reports on the launch of a new online tool designed to reduce the impact of cotton farming on the water, soil and biodiversity. The launch follows collaboration between academics, businesses and the Natural Capital Leaders Platform.

Natural Capital Leaders Platform


Post COP21: Investing in a low carbon world

Environmental Finance logo8 February 2016: In this article, Environmental Financereferences the Investment Leaders Group recent research report, Unhedgeable risk, which suggests that unless significant emissions mitigation takes place, up to half the impact of climate change and delayed transition may be unhedgeable through asset allocation decisions alone.

Investment Leaders Group


The dairy industry and natural capital

the environmentalist logo

26 January 2016: Martin Roberts, Director for Natural Capital Leaders Platform, CISL, outlines a project to find solutions to the impact of the dairy industry on natural capital in this article in the Environmentalist (£). 

Natural Resource Security


Climate change sentiment - a risk to investment portfolios in the short term

businessGreen logo

19 January 2016: Dr Jake Reynolds, Director, Sustainable Economy, explores in this article in Business Green (£)  the case for stress-testing investments against shifting climate change sentiment in the wake of the Paris Agreement.

Business Action


'The hard work starts now': The Paris Agreement, one month on

businessGreen logo

12 January 2016: In this article by Business Green (£),Sandrine Dixson-Declève, Director of The Prince of Wales' Corporate Leader's Group (CLG), says the CLG are dedicating 2016 to ensuring the pressure continues to mount on governments as they move towards ratifications and take the first steps in putting their national climate plans, known as Intended Nationally Determined Contributions (INDCs), into action.

The Prince of Wales' Corporate Leader's Group


‘Unprecedented level of cooperation’ needed to tackle climate change, says Prince Charles

blue&green tomorrow logo

7 July 2015: Blue & Green reports on the launch of CISL's initiative Rewiring the Economy by HRH The Prince of Wales.

Rewiring the Economy


Rewiring our economy

Etical Corporation

2 July 2015: Dr Jake Reynolds, CISL's Director, Sustainable Economy, argues in his blog in the Ethical Corporation, that to combat climate change and poverty we have to change the way the economy is run.

Rewire the Economy



Corporate Leaders unveil latest Low Carbon Business Compendium

businessGreen logo

9 March 2016: In this article, Business Green highlights the Business Compendium developed by the Green Growth Platform (GGP) initiative with support from the Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership (CISL), the Norwegian government, and The Prince of Wales's Corporate Leaders Group (CLG).

Green Growth Platform (GGP)


Postgraduate training in sustainability

Food Science & Technology1 March 2016: Dr Kayla Friedman, Programme Manager of the Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership, writing in Food Science & Technology, describes the benefits to the food and drink industry of the range of accredited postgraduate courses on offer in sustainable business and sustainable value chains.

Graduate study

Novelis works with Jaguar Land Rover to create RC5754 high recycled content aluminum alloy for automotive industry

Automotive world11 February 2016: This article in Automotive World reports on the launch of the Collaboration for a closed-loop value chain case study, exploring the lessons learnt from the REALCAR closed loop value chain project between Jaguar Land Rover, Novelis, Innovate UK and partners. The study was undertaken and authored by a group of employees from Jaguar Land Rover and Novelis whilst attending the Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership's Postgraduate Certificate in Sustainable Value Chains (PCSVC).

Graduate study


How Davos power brokers can start tackling major environmental risks

The Conversation21 January 2016: This article in the The Conversation discusses Nexus thinking and the institute's role in the Nexus2020 project.

Natural Capital Leaders Platform


After COP21: Achieving a Zero Carbon Economy

Huffington Post18 December 2015: In Polly Courtice's blog featured in theHuffington Post, she reflects on post COP21and the possibility of a zero carbon economy.


Paris Pledge for Action Boosts Paris Climate Agreement

UNFCCC logo16 December 2015: The UNFCCC today along with the French Presidency launched L’Appel de Paris (Paris Pledge for Action) which is a new initiative managed by CISL. 

L’Appel de Paris / Paris Pledge for Action

Directions - The Rise of Science

SaltBaxterMSLGroup logo21 October 2015: In this edition of SaltBaxter MSLGroup, Directionsjournal, Dr Jake Reynolds, Director, Sustainable Economy expands on CISL's recently launched ten-year, ten-point plan Rewiring the Economy.

Rewiring the Economy

Blue chips begin live testing natural capital processes logo14 October 2015: In this article, they describe  a new initiative which brings together more than 40 of the world's biggest businesses who have been given access to a draft of a new Protocol which enables business to effectively gauge environmental impacts and develop natural capital business models.

Natural Capital Leaders Platform

Insurers committed to a climate-resilient future

Financial Times logo30 September 2015: ClimateWise members have today written the following open letter featured in the Financial Times (£), to the UK’s Prudential Regulation Authority (PRA) in response to the Authority’s report into the impact of climate change on the insurance industry.


Action around adaptation

RiskSA logo1 September 2015: RISKAFRICA, Africa’s leading business risk and insurance magazine, looks at the role of insurers and brokers in tackling climate change. The article features interviews with CISL Fellow Dr Paul PritchardTom Herbstein, Programme Manager of ClimateWise, CISL’s insurance platform, and Ray-Ann Sedres, head of integrated sustainability at South African insurer Santam, a member of ClimateWise.


How the private sector can scale up ambition to plug the emissions gap

businessGreen logo24 August 2015: Nicolette Bartlett, Senior Programme Manager, for International Policy Team argues in thisBusiness Green article, that COP21 presents the perfect opportunity to build momentum behind green initiatives from businesses.

Wedging the Gap


100 Days to COP21: Why Should Business Take Impactful Action on Climate Change?

Huffington Post21 August 2015: In this article in the Huffington PostPolly Courtice, Director, explains why businesses should be expected to take a lead.


The rise of public advocacy in business

the guardian11 August 2015: Polly Courtice, Director, in this Guardianarticle, comments that the business case goes well beyond climate change. She goes on to say that there are many cases where corporations find it pays to invest in community welfare, including child development.


Should business leaders speak out more on climate change?

Guardian Sustainable Business logo5 August 2015: Eliot Whittington, Deputy Director of The Prince of Wales's Corporate Leaders Group was one of a panel of experts in a live Twitter debate run by the Guardian. Catch up on all the highlights from our live debate on the role of business in vocalising the environmental agenda


Amber Rudd lays out UK's policy to tackle climate change

Click Green logo24 July 2015: Eliot Whittington, Deputy Director of The Prince of Wales's Corporate Leaders Group welcomed Energy Secretary Amber Rudd’s speech. He said, in this Click Green article, "A long term climate plan is exactly what we need to secure our economic future. It’s great to hear a senior UK politician being so clear about the links between climate and economic prosperity and security."


African agriculture needs more of the green stuff, says farming alliance chief

the guardian15 July 2015: This article in the Guardian reports on Africa’s food needs, which are set to triple by 2050, the head of the Alliance for the Green Revolution in Africa is calling for greater investment in farmers. This article cites CISL Fellow, Dr Ana Gonzalez Pelaez's new report, Insurance regulation for sustainable development: Protecting human rights against climate risks and natural hazards.

Sustainable Finance


Has the EU’s carbon trading system made business greener?

Guardian Sustainable Business logo15 July 2015: A report marking 10 years of the ETS finds carbon trading has helped companies to reduce emissions but low carbon prices continue to dog the scheme. In this article, theGuardian reviews the latest Corporate Leaders Group report, 10 years of Carbon Pricing in Europe – A business perspective.


EU carbon market reserve seen absorbing 85 per cent of glut by 2021

Bloomberg Business14 July 2015: In this article, Bloomberg Business reports on an unprecedented overhaul of the European Union’s carbon market which will probably remove 85 per cent of a glut of permits that sent prices tumbling and eroded incentives to reduce emissions.

Jill Duggan, CISL Senior Associate says, “Maintaining a decent carbon price is going to be an ongoing struggle.”


‘Unprecedented level of cooperation’ needed to tackle climate change, says Prince Charles

blue&green tomorrow logo7 July 2015: Blue & Green reports on the launch of CISL's initiative Rewiring the Economy by HRH The Prince of Wales.

Rewiring the Economy

How business might just save the climate

The Telegraph logo7 July 2015: This article in the Telegraph, references HRH The Prince of Wales's call for fossil fuels to stop being subsidised.

Business Action


Standard Chartered joins pact to prevent forest destruction

Financial Times logo5 July 2015: In this article the FT (£) announces Standard Chartered Bank becomes the tenth bank to formally adopt the 'Soft Commodities' Compact, which aligns the banking industry with the Consumer Goods Forum’s resolution to help achieve zero net deforestation in their supply chains by 2020. 

Banking Environment Initiative 


Climate risk could undermine investments, report warns

BBC news logo12 November 2015: This article on the BBC News website references the Investment Leaders Group recent research report, Unhedgeable risk, which suggests that unless significant emissions mitigation takes place, up to half the impact of climate change and delayed transition may be unhedgeable through asset allocation decisions alone.

Investment Leaders Group

‘Green Bond’ sales struggle

The Wall Street Journal 25 June 2015: In this article, The Wall Street Journal explores why 'Green Bonds' have struggled this year. The University of Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership (CISL)'s Banking Environment Initiative response is that it will work with other organisations to “support the emergence of industry-level consensus on standards” for green bonds.

The Banking Environment Initiative 


'Once in generation' chance to reform climate insurance

BBC logo18 June 2015: BBC News reports that CISL Fellow Ana Gonzalez Peleaz spoke at a UN Summit event in New York, giving an overview of a new CISL report looking at insurance reforms. The report will be cited in the forthcoming UN Sustainable Development Goals report due out shortly.



Businesses call on European Commission to deliver post-2020 carbon market reform plan

businessGreen logo15 June 2015: In this article, Business Green expands on a recent letter The Prince of Wales's Corporate Leaders Group, Eurelectric and IETA sent to EU Commissioner Arias Cañete urging him to keep emissions trading scheme reforms on track.


Businesses prioritise carbon markets to combat climate change

DW logo2 June 2015: Pricing harmful carbon through dedicated marketplaces is emerging as businesses' preferred way of tackling climate change. It is also the cornerstone of EU policy. In this Deutsche Wellearticle, Sandrine Dixson-Declève, Director of The Prince of Wales’s Corporate Leaders Group gives her views.


Protection of natural capital a key concern for procurement professionals

Supply Management2 June 2015: Dr Gemma Cranston's blog for Supply Management considers why supply chain managers under constant pressure to hold down costs and maximise effectiveness, having the foresight to address risk and seize opportunity is as important as building good relationships among suppliers.

Natural Capital Leaders Platform


French government mulls dedicated green buildings day for Paris Climate Summit

businessGreen logo22 May 2015: In this article, BusinessGreen explores the aims of the French Presidency to galvanise the building sector to better collaborate on tackling climate change at COP21.

Green Growth Platform

Unilever boss urges world leaders to reduce carbon output

BBC logo18 May 2015: In this BBC news item, Polly Courtice, Director of the Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership, says it is hard to gauge how many firms are willing to embrace a low carbon agenda.

“The general awareness that climate change is an issue to be addressed is much more firmly embedded than before."


Will the Paris business summit mobilise support for climate action?

RTCC logo18 May 2015: In this article, RTCC discusses that with just over six months to go until diplomats thrash out a deal at COP21, Paris this week hosts the Business and Climate Summit.  At this event business leaders will showcase their  low carbon plans this week, but concerns persist they are giving cover to polluting sectors.



What research would enhance business sustainability?

University of Cambridge logo16 May 2015: The University of Cambridge Research websiteasks, How can research help business be more sustainable? 

Natural Capital Leaders Platform

DEWA organises first management and sustainability programme in MENA with CISL

albawaba logo13 May 2015: In this article Albawaba report that the Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA) in collaboration with Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership have recently completed its first programme for their senior management team.

Customised Programmes


Rethinking the global food system: what would you do?

the guardian6 May 2015: Leading thinkers share their thoughts on tackling the big sustainability issues facing global supply chains. In this Guardian article, Martin Roberts, Director of the Natural Capital Leaders Platform, says "for each of the last 25 years we've lost an area of arable land the size of Scotland from soil erosion".

Natural Capital Leaders Platform

Business eyes place at Paris climate summit top table

RTCC logo6 May 2015: In the run-up to the forthcoming Business & Climate Summit in Paris, this RTCC article discusses how leading businesses and cities are set to have a greater say in how a global climate change pact will work than ever before.





WWF makes the economic and business case for sustainable timber

GreenBiz logo24 April 2015: In her article, Karen Ellis, WWF’s Chief Economics Adviser in the UK highlights 'Soft Commodities' Compact between Banking Environment Initiative (BEI) and Consumer Goods Forum (CGF) as an example of global business leadership.

Banking Environment Initiative

20 April: Sustainability in commodities accrues momentum

Financial Times logo20 April 2015: In this article the Financial Times explores how the sustainability movement in commodities has grown over the past few years as companies and industries have shifted from the initial denial that any problems had anything to do with themselves.

Banking Environment Initiative

Climate change briefing: Beyond 2015 - Life after Paris

Etical Corporation8 April 2015: In this article by Ethical Corporation (£), The Prince of Wales’s Corporate Leaders Group says that it is "a time of unprecedented change in the global economy, as new development, investment decisions and technology development will all be delivered in the context of climate change".



Energy Union 'Soft Power Security Plan'

Euronet Plus1 April 2015: Video: Euranet Plus interviews Sandrine Dixson-Declève, Director of The Prince of Wales’s Corporate Leaders Group on making the European Energy Union a Grand Marshall Plan.


Aviva chief – My house flooding brought home the impacts of climate change

businessGreen logo25 March 2015: Maurice Tulloch, Chief Executive of Aviva UK and Chair of ClimateWise, says in this businessGreen (£) article, how he came to appreciate the potentially devastating impacts of climate change when his home was hit by flash flooding in 2013.


Business leaders call for low carbon EU energy union

RTCC logo19 March 2015: This RTCC article reports how European business leaders, including members of The Prince of Wales’s Corporate Leaders Group, urge European heads of state to promote low carbon investment in a letter to the EU.





Doing Business with Nature: Commercial logic is key to business action on natural capital

CSRwire12 March 2015: Dr Gemma Cranston, Senior Programme Manager within the Natural Capital Leaders Platform team, asks "how green is your business" in her blog featured in this CSRwire article.

Natural Capital Leaders Platform

Edie explains: Natural Capital

Edie-net.png10 March 2015: In this article explains what Natural Capital really means, and what business should be doing about it. Our Natural Capital Leaders Platform team recently released a report Doing Business with Nature, that explores this theme in greater detail.

Natural Capital Leaders Platform


Top 30 women shaping green business

businessGreen logo10 March 2015: BusinessGreen's article (£)recognises Sandrine Dixson-Declève, Director of The Prince of Wales’s Corporate Leaders Group, as one of the top 30 women spearheading progressive change in the corporate sector.


PM+: EU policymakers must send a 'clear signal' on energy policy

the Parliament Magazine6 March 2015: Sandrine Dixson-Declève, Director of The Prince of Wales’s Corporate Leaders Group blog, featured in the Parliament Magazine, writes "Business simply needs a clear signal that low-carbon is the direction of travel. And it’s looking to policy makers to deliver."


How well prepared are businesses for climate change?

The Conversation5 March 2015: Eliot Whittington, Deputy Director of The Prince of Wales’s Corporate Leaders Group asks "How well prepared are businesses for climate change? In his blog featured in The Conversation.

What are INDCs and why willyou be talking about them this year?

Huffington Post3 March 2015: The EU have just announced their Intended Nationally Determined Contributions (INDCs)this week.

The INDCs are essentially the building blocks for the 21st Conference of the Parties in Paris where the targets will hopefully be agreed and solidified. At this stage of the negotiations procedure other countries are expected to follow suit and submit their INDCs ahead of Paris 2015.


EU's energy union must overcome serious obstacles

the guardian25 February 2015: In a Guardian article, Sandrine Dixson-Declève, Director of The Prince of Wales’s Corporate Leaders Group says "The energy union has great potential – it could be a Grand Marshall Plan for the EU."


UK warns Brussels against "watering down" EU climate targets

RTCC logo25 February 2015: The Secretary of State Ed Davey says in RTCC article, the latest set of proposals for a UN climate deal could "severely undermine" efforts to cut greenhouse gas emissions. 





MEPs back "lukewarm" carbon market reform plan

businessGreen logo24 February 2015: The Environment Committee of MEPs voted through a compromise plan to reform the bloc's emissions trading scheme (ETS) designed to prevent further falls in the price of carbon. Whilst political leaders hailed the "crucial reforms". In this article (£) businessGreen says green business groups felt the "lukewarm" proposals should have gone further.


Asda, Mars and Nestlé plant commercial case for protectig nature

businessGreen logo18 February 2015: In this article (£), businessGreen says even small investments in water conservation or soil restoration make good commercial sense for large companies. This draws on our new reportDoing Business with Nature

Natural Capital Leaders Platform

UK's natural capital presents clear business opportunity, report finds

edieEnergy logo17 February 2015: In this article, says that addressing the UK's deteriorating natural capital could represent a business opportunity for pro-active firms, according to our new report Doing Business with Nature, produced in partnership with a number of corporate leaders including Asda, Mars and Nestlé.

Natural Capital Leaders Platform


Asda fears £370m is at risk if it ignores climate change

City-AM-logo.png17 February 2015: City A.M. reports that Doing Business with Nature argues that relatively small outlays in areas like water conservation and soil care will make commercial sense for major firms.

Natural Capital Leaders Platform

"Business as usual is dead" says Philippe Joubert, Chair of The Prince of Wales's Corporate Leaders Group

France24 logo.png12 February 2015: In a video interview on France24, Philippe Joubert, Chair of The Prince of Wales’s Corporate Leaders Group, states the importance of involving the corporate sector in climate change solutions if we want them to succeed.

The business model needs to change but this change cannot happen without governments putting clear long-term policies in place. 


Sustainability the key to long-term corporate health

BBC news logo6 April 2016: Polly Courtice, Director, CISL is quoted in the BBC News article:

"For a long time companies separated out sustainability issues from their core activity, but they are now realising these issues are central to their ability to function as a growing business."

Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership


Major Chinese bank says new green policies have consequences for its lending decisions – new report

Chinadialogue logo24 March 2016: This article in Chinadialogue, written by Andrew Voysey, Director, CISL Finance Sector, explores how environmental risk is becoming more entwined into financial decision-making.

Sustainable Finance


Pacific Alliance businesses hail green growth platform

businessGreen logo29 April 2016: This article in Business Green (£) details an open letter to environment ministers, with signatories including banking firm BBVA Colombia, food and beverage giant Nestlé and Dutch electronics company Philips, lauding the efforts of ministers in the region to create a green growth platform in the area and signalling their readiness to engage with it.

Green Growth Platform



Investment Leaders Group launch climate change model helping to ‘future proof’ companies

blue&green tomorrow logo12 May 2016: The Investment Leaders Group (ILG) launched a report detailing the results of economic modelling on the impact of climate and energy regulation on company profitability. The ILG is a network of ten pension funds, insurers and asset owners, organised by CISL.

Blue&Green, in its article, explores this report which focuses on some of the most high-risk industries and areas including oil, gas and utilities in the UK, Spain, Germany, California (USA) and Alberta (Canada).

Investment Leaders Group


Goodbye Carbon Footprint? New Climate Risk Tools Take Shape

II logo3 June 2016: This article by the Institutional Investor explores a new report, supported by CISL and the Investment Leaders Group (ILG), a network of pension funds, insurers and asset managers, that documents the carbon risk assessment model's next pilot phase, which seeks to better reflect companies’ adaptation to emission rules.

Investment Leaders Group


Green investment leaders ask if it is time to 'break the cycle' of short term quarterly reporting?

businessGreen logo16 May 2016:  Business Green (£) examines the first and second of three reports produced by the Investment Leaders Group, which seek to promote longer term investment thinking and better reporting of environmental impacts.

Investment Leaders Group 



Prince Charles pans fund managers over responsible investment

Financial Times logo22 May 2016: The Financial Times (£) reports that, at an Investment Leaders Group (ILG) meeting in London, His Royal Highness The Prince of Wales said:

"It is clear... that the value and imperative of responsible investment - not just to society but to financial institutions - is not yet apparent to all parts of the industry.

This needs to change, because as long as the reticence to embrace sustainable investment continues, I fear we will continue to stumble from one bewildering environmental and social challenge to the next."

Investment Leaders Group


Pakistani doctor wins prestigious entrepreneurship award in London

Express tribune24 May 2016: The Express Tribune, reports on doctHERs’ co-founder Dr Sara Saeed who won the prestigious HRH The Prince of Wales Young Sustainability Entrepreneur Prize 2016.

Young Entrepreneurs


The Prince of Wales's Corporate Leaders Group appoints Jill Duggan as new Director

businessGreen logo8 June 2016: this Business Green (£) article introduces Jill Duggan, who is to take up the reins at The Prince of Wales's Corporate Leaders Group (CLG), replacing outgoing director Sandrine Dixson-Declève.

Jill, who has served as a Senior Associate of the University of Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership for the past two years has been confirmed as Director of Policy at the Institute and Director of CLG, the influential group of UK and European blue-chip firms that advocates for more ambitious action to tackle escalating climate change risks.

The Prince of Wales's Corporate Leaders Group


Corporate Leaders Group: It's the end of the beginning of the low carbon transition

businessGreen logo9 June 2016: In Business Green's (£) article, incoming Director of The Prince of Wales Corporate Leaders Group, Jill Duggan, reveals her plan to extend the organisation's influence in a post-Paris world.

The Prince of Wales Corporate Leaders Group


Polly Courtice honoured for sustainability services

blue&green tomorrow logo13 June 2016: In this article, Blue&Green reports that Polly Courtice, who founded CISL, has been made a Dame in the Queen's Birthday Honours list. Polly has been made a Dame Commander of the Order of the British Empire (DBE) in recognition of her achievement in building a world-leading institute at the University of Cambridge.

Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership


University members celebrated in Queen’s Birthday Honours

Varsity logo16 June 2016: This article in the Varsity identifies members of the University of Cambridge who have been honoured in the Queen's Birthday Honours, including our Director, Dame Polly Courtice, DBE, LVO.

Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership

CISL reveals insights from testing Natural Capital Protocol; launches Protocol Application Program

Sustainable brands logo 230x7426 July 2016:  Over the last 18 months CISL has managed a pilot Program on behalf of the Natural Capital Coalition with over 50 companies including Coca-Cola, Hugo Boss, Jaguar Land Rover, Kering and Nestlé, testing the business relevance and usability of the Protocol. The impacts of these pilot tests on individual businesses are revealed in a new CISL-authored report, Business Insights: Pilot testing the Natural Capital Protocol, launched today by the Natural Capital Coalition and highlighted in this article by Sustainable Brands.

Natural Capital Protocol

University of Cambridge to lead Protocol Application Program

blue&green tomorrow logo26 July 2016: This blue&green article reports on the launch of the Protocol Application Program.

Following a successful pilot program, which generated the interest of hundreds of businesses and the support of finance, conservation, science, standard setting and policy communities, the Natural Capital Coalition has today launched the Protocol Application Program. The new Application Program, designed and led by CISL and open to businesses of all sizes worldwide, will encourage wider use of the Protocol by companies that have not yet engaged with the framework.

Natural Capital Protocol

Making business sense of natural capital

Huffington Post27 July 2016: This article in the Huffington Post is one of a series of blogs on Natural Capital by Dr Gemma Cranston, Senior Programme Manager at CISL. In it she explores the questions: Can we truly measure returns from investment in nature? Can we measure outcomes? And are we all talking about the same things? 

Natural Capital Leaders Platform 

How Including Natural Assets in Financial Decision Making Gives Companies a Competitive EdgeBy

Environmental Leader logo8 August 2016: This article in the Environmental Leader, explores the implications for environmental managers engaged in managing natural resources and how increased competition for these resources directly affects their business.

Natural Capital Protocol


UK ratifies Paris climate agreement

the environmentalist logo

15 November 2016: In this Guardian article, Jill Duggan, former director of The Prince of Wales's Corporate Leaders Group (CLG), amongst others comments on the UK's decision to ratify the Paris Climate Agreement.

The Prince of Wales's Corporate Leaders Group


Climate change could spark the world’s next financial crisis, former Bank of England executive warns

the environmentalist logo

24 October 2016: In these two articles, The Independent and Bloomberg,  CISL, Senior Associate and former Bank of England Executive, Dr Paul Fisher, warns, 'You don’t need to believe in climate change, you don’t need to believe that it is man-made. You just need to believe that governments are going to do stuff and that is going to affect your business. And then it is a material risk'.

Centre for Sustainable Finance 


According To Corporate Leaders Group Paris Agreement Marks New Era

blue&green tomorrow logo4 November 2016: This article in blue&green comments on the call by The Prince of Wales’s Corporate Leaders Group (CLG), for participants to the UN climate conference opening next week in Marrakesh, Morocco (COP22), to start working on the details required to implement the global pact without delay

The Prince of Wales's Corporate Leaders Group


Government long-term climate strategy should be 'business friendly', says Corporate Leaders Group logo18 November 2016: In this article, The Prince of Wales's Corporate Leaders Group (CLG), outline the importance of "business friendly" national government long-term policy planning to deliver the vision of the Paris Agreement.

The Prince of Wales's Corporate Leaders Group


Dame Polly Courtice honoured at Responsible Business Awards

Etical Corporation3 October 2016:  Ethical Corporation report on Dame Polly Courtice, founder-director of the Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership, picking up a Lifetime Achievement Award at Ethical Corporation’s seventh annual Responsible Business Awards.

Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership


Firms back ‘further, faster, higher’ ambition on renewables in EU

the environmentalist logo

29 November 2016: The Environmentalist published an article ahead of the launch of new proposals on renewable energy from the European Commission, citing The Prince of Wales’s Corporate Leaders Group who warned of the potential implications on investment in renewables.

The Prince of Wales's Corporate Leaders Group


Leading firms urge government to embrace low-carbon sectors in impending industrial strategy

businessGreen logo22 January 2017: These articles published by Business Green and, look at The Prince of Wales's Corporate Leaders Group's Industrial strategy report, which calls on the government to embrace the 'industries of tomorrow' in its upcoming industrial strategy review.

The Prince of Wales's Corporate Leaders Group


How can business foster justice in times of rapid change?

Thomson Reuters Foundations logo19 December 2016: In this article published by the Thomas Reuters Foundation, CISL's Elliot Whittington looks at how hostility to globalisation, rising inequality and accelerating innovation made the world more volatile and uncertain in 2016, drawing on the CISL Business, justice and new global economy report which offers businesses a new framework to think through the implications of their actions on the people they affect.

Business, justice and the new global economy


Finding solutions by harnessing the power of our partnerships

Huffington Post30 November 2016: In this article published in the Huffington Post, Olympic sailing champion and Team Principal at Land Rover BAR, Ben Ainslie, reflects on a two day custom programme at CISL, which looked at inspiring sustainability through partnership.

CISL custom programmes


Rising Impact Of Climate Change Causing $100bn ‘Protection Gap’, Warn Insurance Leaders

BBC news logo7 December 2016: Articles from the BBCGuardianReuters, Blue and Green Tomorrow and Insurance day report on findings published by ClimateWise in their Investing for resilience report, which warns of the urgent need to address the growing $100bn annual climate risk 'protection gap'.



Future Proofing: Sustainable Plans for Prosperous Economies

Sustainable brands logo 230x7417 November 2016: this article from Sustainable Brands features the recent CLG policy briefing which highlights the importance of long-term policy planning to deliver the vision of the Paris Agreement.

The Prince of Wales's Corporate Leaders Group


ESG: UN goals strike a chord


February 2017: This article in the IPE publication explores why the UN Sustainable Development Goals have struck a chord with institutional investors. The article looks at how CISL’s Investment Leaders Group developed a framework for reporting the impact of responsible investment using the SDGs as the starting point.

Investment Leaders Group


Exclusive preview of a new Ladybird book co-written by Prince Charles

The Telegraph logo21 January 2017: An article published in the Telegraph announced the launch of a new Ladybird book on climate change, written by CISL's Patron HRH The Prince of Wales, and CISL Senior Associates Tony Juniper and Dr Emily Shuckburgh.

HRH The Prince of Wales


New natural capital metric a 'powerful lever for change' logo22 May 2017: Articles published by and Sustainable Brands reported on a new biodiversity metric, launched by CISL's Natural Capital Impact Group, to help companies and investors reduce their impact on nature.

Natural Capital Impact Group


Corporate giants call for bolder EU renewables goal

businessGreen logo26 April 2017: This article published by BusinessGreen reviews a report published by the Corporate Leaders Group, '21st century energy: Business reflections on renewables in Europe’, which warns that inconsistent  and unambitious EU policy could stifle investment and slow the transition towards a low carbon economy. 

The Prince of Wales's Corporate Leaders Group


Could climate cause the next financial crisis?

IPE29 June 2017: In an article published in Investment and Pensions Europe, Paul Fisher, CISL Senior Associate and vice chair of the Banking Environment Initiative, reports on his and CISL's position in the Financial Stability Board’s Task Force on
Climate-related Financial Disclosures

Banking Environment Initiative


Global environment is heating up for fossil fuels and their producers

The Times15 July 2017: The Times reported on the impact of changing policy on the fossil fuel industry, citing recommendations from the European Commission’s High-Level Expert Group on Sustainable Finance (of which CISL is the only academic institution serving as a knowledge partner) and their paper on “risk assessment and financial decision-making”.

Sustainable Finance

Green finance can change the world – the G20 leaders should harness its power

The Telegraph logo7 July 2017: This article in the Telegraph reports on the G20 Summit in Hamburg, reflecting on progress made since the 2016 G20 Summit in China in which research commissioned from CISL called for a scaling up of green financing to drive environmentally sustainable growth.

Sustainable Finance





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