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Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership

Target True Zero

19 July 2022 - This week, the AIA team visited the Aerospace Global Forum (AGF), a brand-new platform developed as part of the 2022 Farnborough Air Show and aimed at driving immediate action towards net zero aviation. As part of this event the AIA launched a new interactive tool aimed at accelerating the transition to net zero aviation and published a new report in collaboration with the World Economic Forum (WEF). 

Launch of new AIA tool: RECCE 

The AIA’s first interactive tool, which was launched at the event – the Resource to Climate Comparison Evaluator (RECCE) – can be used to directly compare alternative aviation fuels based on their climate impact, resource requirement and costs. The tool provides a detailed breakdown of where in the system emissions occur and where the uncertainties are. 

Eliot Whittington, Policy Director at the Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership (CISL) and AIA co-lead said “If we think about the job of transforming the aviation sector so that it becomes environmentally sustainable that means a wholesale transformation of the system. It is not as simple as taking one technology and swapping it for another, we need to think about changing infrastructure, we need to think about business models, we need to think about public acceptability and policy.  

“Ultimately, we need to see the whole ecosystem transforming all at the same time. RECCE allows users from policy makers and industry players to the public to understand and compare a range of technology pathways, understanding the resources they require and the relative climate impacts.” 

Read more about RECCE here.

Experiment with the tool on the AIA’s website


New AIA and WEF report: Unlocking Sustainable Battery and Hydrogen Powered Flight 

Also at the event, the AIA, in collaboration with the WEF launched a new insight report, Unlocking Sustainable Battery and Hydrogen Powered Flight, as part of the Target True Zero collaboration run by the WEF. The report seeks to assess the potential for battery-electric aircraft, hydrogen fuel cell electric aircraft and hydrogen combustion aircraft to contribute to decarbonising aviation, and identifies critical areas of uncertainty.

Working with influential industry players is central to the AIA’s approach and the team is proud to be a knowledge partner on the Target True Zero (TTZ) initiative, which is made up of industry players focused accelerate the deployment and scaling of zero-emission aviation, leveraging electric and hydrogen flight technologies.  

Read more about the Target True Zero report here.  


Other news  

The AIA also launched a video documentary in collaboration with the Aerospace Global Forum which brings together voices from the global experts contributing to the AIA. The video highlights the need to bring together academia, industry, civil society and Government to drive change. You can read about this on our website here

You can find the full documentary here.

A shorter version is also available here.



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