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Embedding Natural Capital

Develop the tools required to assess current sustainability practices, and create action plans to implement change. This workshop will focus on understanding natural resources.


22-23 November 2018.

Duration, format and location

Two-day professional development residential seminar; Cambridge, UK


The course fee is £700 to £2,250, including accommodation and meals (see fees table). Lower fees are available for multiple delegates or Labs, not-for-profits, developing countries, and self-funded individuals. 

How to apply

Submit your application or find out more about the selection criteria.


Sustainability Leadership Labs

University of Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership (CISL) Labs bring together professionals to test and challenge cutting-edge responses to global problems. Open to all our alumni and senior industry practitioners, these two-day sustainability workshops held four times per year in Cambridge, are an opportunity for professional development, co-creation and networking – all with real application to your company or organisational situation.

Read more about the Sustainability Leadership Labs, and details about fees and applications.


The challenge

It is common practice for businesses to perform sustainability reporting for corporate and regulatory purposes; however, businesses that want to be more progressive, create competitive advantage, and demonstrate their positive impacts on the environment are going beyond corporate reporting and using natural capital approaches to leverage business opportunities and inform decisions.


Embedding natural capital

Within the theme of operationalising sustainability, this two-day professional development programme provides the opportunity to understand how to identify and assess natural capital, create an effective natural capital strategy, and understand the natural capital risks and opportunities for your business.

The focus of the Lab is the systematic use of data and decision tools that provide businesses with insight into their impacts and dependencies on natural capital. The workshop explores how businesses can review the impact of their operations and supply chains on natural capital to achieve a better informed strategy, commercial savings through increased efficiency, and a language with which to communicate benefits to external audiences.


Who should attend?

Sustainability practitioners, asset managers, HSE managers, and supply chain and procurement professionals will all benefit from attending the Embedding Natural Capital workshop.

Apply for the Embedding Natural Capital Lab


Learn from industry thought leaders

The Lab features interactive sessions and case studies, and leverages the latest thinking from business leaders participating in CISL’s Natural Capital Impact Group. Previous speakers at the Embedding Natural Capital Lab include:

  • Ian Ellison, Chief Engineer – Sustainability, Jaguar Land Rover
  • Dr Stephanie Hime, Director, Little Blue Research
  • Tony Juniper, CBE, Fellow, CISL
  • Paul Murphy, CEO, Jordans and Ryvita Company (keynote speaker)
  • Laura Plant, Sustainability and Climate Change Consultant, PWC
  • Chris Plester, Senior Sustainability Adviser, National Grid
  • Lizzie Rendell, Environmental Advisor, Skanska
  • James Spurgeon, Director, Sustain Value


Benefits of attending

This workshop stretches your thinking through discussion with leading academics and practitioners, as well as active participation with case studies. Attendees gain access to the CISL’s international network of sustainability leaders and learn how to:

  • systematically review your business activities to identify natural capital risks and opportunities
  • measure and value natural capital
  • engage stakeholders within your business and supply chain more effectively
  • embed natural capital knowledge into your day-to-day operations and decision-making
  • gain a competitive edge by communicating your natural capital insights and progress to stakeholders.

Participants leave the Lab empowered to take action within their business and leverage natural capital approaches. They have a clearer view of their path towards delivering their sustainability goals.

"Very informative, stimulating and an excellent networking opportunity."

John Midgley, Principal Geoscientist & Operations Geologist, Energy Geoscience


Participant-led case studies

Before the Lab, participants are invited to volunteer their organisation as a case example for exercises, resulting in a huge benefit to their business from thinking through a particular challenge or opportunity with like-minded individuals, supported by experts. Cases are chosen based on their learning value to the wider group.


Interested in this sustainability short course?

to find out more, or apply here.

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Louise de Muscote

Louise de Muscote


Sustainable Innovation Lab

"This Lab built well on the previous Lab that I completed, and has really given me much food for thought and ideas for action."

Head of Sustainability, Pret A Manger

Business Model Innovation Lab

"A great two-day course that surpassed my expectations, using practical tools to challenge the way we think about our own business and challenge how bold we are being in our approach and role in tackling the sustainability issues in our own supply chains."

Agriculture and Sustainability Development Manager, NSF International

Embedding Natural Capital Lab

"Very informative, stimulating and an excellent networking opportunity."

Principal Geoscientist & Operations Geologist, Energy Geoscience

Embedding Natural Capital Lab & Sustainable Innovation Lab

“The Sustainability Leadership Labs enabled me to gain a global perspective on material issues that are impacting businesses today. I left the Labs with practical tools and knowledge that could be used immediately when I returned to the office… Every lab is unique but also consistent in providing a learning experience with other practitioners that prepares you for the volatile and uncertain environment we all operate in.”

Manager, Responsible Business, Old Mutual Emerging Markets 

Sustainability Leadership, Sustainable Innovation, & Business Model Innovation Labs

"The Leadership Labs at Cambridge have been a key way for me to gain direct insights from a broad range of academic and business thought leaders, on how organisations need to adapt in order to respond to the challenges and opportunities that sustainability poses. They also provided a forum to gain wide input from a range of other organisations how my company could respond to the opportunities and challenges. These insights have been crucial to allow me to more confidently influence internally, build business case and drive meaningful  change… and these Labs have offered an effective and flexible way to build and maintain my knowledge."

Fabrics Sustainability, W.L.Gore & Associates