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Who should apply?

The Postgraduate Diploma in Sustainable Business (PG Dip) is designed for senior and mid-career managers with at least three years' work experience who wish to delve deeply into leadership responses to key sustainability challenges. The course provides an excellent opportunity for participants to further their own personal development in the field.



We welcome applications from:

  • all business functions, including procurement, operations, sales and marketing, business/product development, research and development, finance, and strategy
  • social/ environmental/sustainability/CSR specialists; and/or
  • those working in the not-for-profit and government sectors that are involved with, or interested in gaining exposure to, sustainability in a business context.

PG Dip

Participants will complete one of the Postgraduate Certificates (PCSB or PCSVC) as Part 1 of the PG Dip. Part 2 of the PG Dip offers greater flexibility, being tailored to an individual’s personal learning objectives and areas of interest or expertise, and offering a three year time frame for completion. 


Applicants from outside the UK

We welcome applicants from outside the UK. The part-time course, based around two residential workshops, has been designed to be accessible for participants based throughout the world. The content is internationally relevant, however it should be noted that the programme is developed and delivered by a predominantly UK team.

"When deciding to continue my education in sustainability I chose Cambridge for the reputation of the programme; the global nature of the curriculum, the blended approach of group work, individual study, workshops and the ability to fit it into my schedule as a full time working professional." 

Samantha Veide, Global Director of Corporate Sustainable Solutions, Mars Drinks

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Workshop dates for PCSB and PCSVC (Part 1 of the Diploma)

Workshop 1: 2–5 July 2018
Workshop 2: 12–15 November 2018