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Participants are required to complete a number of assessed and non-assessed assignments for the Postgraduate Diploma in Sustainable Business (PG Dip). These are designed to ensure integration of the participant's learning with their workplace context. Supervisors are allocated to support the assignments, with face-to-face supervisions during residential time in Cambridge supplemented by virtual supervisor inputs.

Participants undertake three assessed written assignments for the PG Dip Part 1, and two assessed written assignments alongside a number of shorter assignments for the PG Dip Part 2.


PG Dip Part 1 assignments

Information on the three pieces of assessed work for the PG Dip Part 1, which includes both individual and group assignments, is detailed in the Assignments section of the Postgraduate Certificate pages.


PG Dip Part 2 assignments

The assessment process for the PG Dip Part 2 includes written work, an oral presentation and hosting a webinar.


Assessed assignments

Analytical case study (4,000 words) and oral presentation

The analytical case study should demonstrate sustainability leadership in practice within a participant’s own or another organisation. Participants are encouraged, where appropriate, to base this on the implementation of the Strategic Action Plan produced for the Postgraduate Certificate.

Participants are also required to deliver an oral presentation on their analytical case study at one of the Sustainability Leadership Laboratories. The presentation is aimed at encouraging presentation of the key findings in an engaging and accessible way.

Thought leadership essay (3,000 words)

The thought leadership essay should be written on a topic relevant to sustainability leadership in a business context, based on a participant’s own specialist area, experience and/or passion, and draw on academic and practitioner literature.

This thought leadership essay includes the preparation of a short 500-word article in an accessible format suitable for publication in an appropriate non-academic publication or website.

Webinar hosting

Participants are required to deliver an interactive webinar on a theme of relevance to sustainability leadership.


Non-assessed assignments

In addition to attending three Sustainability Leadership Laboratories, participants must undertake a number of non-assessed elements for the PG Dip Part 2. All non-assessed requirements must be completed within three years of starting the PG Dip Part 2.

Participation in webinars

Participants participate in three webinars hosted by their peers and programme contributors.


Participants complete an e-module on either Leadership for Sustainability or Corporate Philanthropy, which combines lessons, tasks, student-led discussions and written exercises.

Sustainability Leadership Laboratory Review

Participants are required to write a review of the key findings, discussions and content of one of the Sustainability Leadership Laboratories attended, summarising and reflecting on learnings and outputs from the process of co-creation.


3 November 2017, 10:00-11:00 am

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Workshop dates for PCSB and PCSVC (Part 1 of the Diploma)

Workshop 1: 2–5 July 2018
Workshop 2: 12–15 November 2018