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Value chain-related publications

The Postgraduate Certificate in Sustainable Business - Value Chains is a nine month, part-time Master's-level academic programme for individuals and groups seeking to embed sustainability into supply/value chains.

Read about value chain definitions and characteristics and our research, courses and company engagements in the circular economy.

Resilient Value Chains Report

June 2011 – It is increasingly accepted that significant changes are needed in the level of practical actions and policy that can deal with longterm risks to business, customers and wider society from the degradation of our natural resource base. This major new business-led programme brings together a cross-sectoral group of leading companies to explore how to bring about such significant changes.

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Product Stewardship Overload!

May 2010 – While organic food labelling started in the 1960s, it was the timber debate that first triggered the idea of product stewardship. In the late 1980s, growing recognition of the loss of tropical rainforests led to the creation of the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), which delivered the closest solution: to provide an economic incentive for the sustainable harvesting of forests.

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Carbon Management: A Practical Guide for Suppliers

2009 – Carbon management: a practical guide for suppliers is a step-by-step carbon management guide for companies who supply retailers and other major corporations. It helps them respond to increasing requests from their customers for information about carbon management. It also shows how effective carbon management can cut costs and bring other business benefits.

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Sustainable Consumption and Production: A Business Primer

January 2007 – Business innovation and enterprise provide the fuel for economic growth, employment and social progress. Through increased choice, and the availability of affordable products and services, business plays an essential role in helping people improve their lives.

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