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The Banking Environment Initiative (BEI) comprises 11 leading banks with over US$ 10 trillion of assets.

Our members come from different business models and markets, but share a belief in the need for bold new leadership in directing capital towards the business models that the 21st century demands.

Dr Paul Fisher, member of the European Commission's High Level Expert Group on Sustainable Finance and CISL Senior Associate, is the Vice Chair of the BEI.

Jeremy Wilson (Vice Chairman, Corporate Banking, Barclays) chairs the Working Group on behalf of the CEOs.


How does the BEI work?

At the heart of the group’s vision lies a simple thesis: banks work for their clients and an initiative like this will only work if it is aligned with their interests and vice versa.

The BEI achieves its mission by focusing on topics where industry-wide action is needed, working in partnership with its customer base by bringing independent thinking to bear on the issues and through the active leadership of its Chief Executives.

The group’s vision is to be recognised as a group of influential international and regional banks that has – through its learning and leadership – played a significant role in transforming how corporate value chains are financed.

The group is best known for its work driving change in how banks support a sustainable economy through global agricultural supply chains.





Members of the Banking and Environment Initiative. Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership.

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