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Climate Change – Implications for Agriculture



Chair: Dr Louise Driffill, Senior Programme Manager, CISL

Guest: Tony Juniper, CISL Fellow, campaigner and environmentalist

Guest: Matt Raimondi, Manager, Advisory Services, Business for Social Responsibility (BSR)


  1. What are the most significant climate risks and opportunities for the agricultural sector and how do these vary by region?
  2. What are the impacts, roles and responsibilities of smallholder farmers versus large agribusinesses?
  3. What are the labour and other social impacts of tackling climate change in agriculture?
  4. What are examples of business leadership and collaboration in tackling climate change in agriculture?
  5. How will COP 21 and the policy outcomes impact on the agriculture sector?


  • Placing a value on nature – however uncertain – is absolutely essential in changing behaviour in agriculture.
  • It is essential to take a system level view – e.g. the food, energy, water nexus – if we are to be effective in tackling climate impacts in agriculture.
  • Engaging smallholders must be part of the solutions to climate impacts on agriculture.
  • Collaboration across value chains – especially to tackle waste and consumption patterns – is key.
  • While it is likely that COP21 will reach an agreement, more important will be mechanisms for follow up.


Is climate change a greater risk/opportunity for the agricultural sector?

Agri poll 1

Where is more effort needed to understand the climate risks and opportunities for agriculture?

Agri poll 2

Where do you see most optimism for leveraging future change?

Agri poll 3

How much business action is happening in response to climate risks and opportunities?

Agri poll 4

Are you optimistic that COP21 will make a real difference in terms of the agricultural sector? 

Agri poll 5

Additional resources


The Fifth Assessment Report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change is the most up-to-date, comprehensive and relevant analysis of our changing climate. Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership.











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Eliot Whittington
Eliot Whittington