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UKRI GCRF Trade, Development and the Environment Hub (TRADE hub)

How can we make international trade in commodities sustainable for people and nature? The Business and Nature team from CISL, UNEP-WCMC, and others are working to maximise the impact of the UKRI GCRF Trade, Development and the Environment (TRADE) Hub by ensuring that key supply chain actors have a direct role in shaping research outputs and solutions.

In the nearly 40 years since 1980, the value of global trade increased more than six-fold and the volume of trade more than doubled. At the same time, supply chains have become more complex and increasingly international, making the upstream impacts of resource extraction more difficult to link directly to downstream companies and consumers. Consumer goods companies, producers, traders, retailers and financial institutions are critical actors in global supply chains and international trade. Their procurement and sourcing policies and strategies have the potential to significantly reduce the negative impacts of commodities on biodiversity.

Working with experts from our 50 partner organisations, we will engage with the many existing supply chain initiatives and platforms to accelerate ongoing work and ensure that current interventions in the global trade system are informed by world leading science. Ensuring that key supply chain actors have a direct role in shaping research outputs and solutions is crucial to achieving impact through the project.

We will engage and collaborate with a wide range of corporate partners including major traders, financial institutions and consumer goods companies, identifying existing barriers to sustainable trade and co-designing potential solutions. We are looking to define innovative business models that promote sustainability leadership in relation to international trade. The project will develop new methods that may have value in risk-proofing global supply chains and assessing progress against delivery of corporate sustainability commitments. We will develop best practice recommendations to reduce environmental and social risk exposure.

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Catherine Tayleur


Dr Cath Tayleur, Senior Programme Manager, Natural Capital