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Some of the organisations we work with

Some of the organisations CISL works with

We work with senior leaders from a wide range of national and international public and private organisations.

Multinational businesses

Most of our work is with multinational businesses which have a strategic commitment to operate more sustainability and to make a meaningful contribution to the long-term well-being and prosperity of the societies in which they operate.

Government leaders and policymakers

Our work with government leaders and policymakers internationally is continuously influencing decision-makers at all levels of policymaking, in particular in the area of climate change. Our EU Office in Brussels and designated government affairs team works at both European Union level and at national levels across Europe, convening business and government support for a move to a low carbon society and low climate risk economy.

Through its convening power and facilitation skills, the team has catalysed difficult conversations and has spearheaded new thought leadership through the Green Growth Platform and by working in partnership with national governments and the institutions of the EU to make this a practical reality. Our Climate Leadership Network provides the secretariat for an international network of business leadership groups which are working to create the political space for government action in support of low carbon societies.


We also work directly with governments, including with the Chinese government, to build their leadership capacity through our tailored executive leadership programmes, and to foster international collaborations to support their work to develop sustainable cities and infrastructure.

Civil society organisations and NGOs

Civil society organisations and NGOs are critical in advocating and leading change. We therefore have pledged to undertake project-specific collaborations with NGOs, and invite civil society leaders to make expert contributions to our activities. Due to the important role played by civil society, we provide bursary funding to key individuals from not-for-profit organisations in our open enrolment and graduate study programmes.