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Researcher required for Eliminating Single Use Plastics: Business Transformation Project

The closing date for submissions is noon on 16 March 2018

Provision of services required for CISL Client Project

Eliminating Single Use Plastics: Business transformation

We are inviting submissions for a competitive proposal for the supply and delivery to the University of Cambridge of the services set out in the below specification.

A request for a service provider to give research and analysis support for CISL as part of a client project examining business transformation in eliminating single use plastics from business operations.

Project scope and description

The scope of the full project which the service provider would be contributing to is led by the University of Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership (CISL) to support our client to build the business case to eliminate single use plastics, to capture our client’s own story of change and to build a case study of transformation. The output of the work would be a report to inform our client’s work to inspire other businesses or government to take action or make similar changes towards eliminating single use plastics.

Project aim and objectives

The aim of this part of the project is to draw out, pull together and analyse the data our client has already collected to date on eliminating single use plastics from the business. The resulting analysis will identify the comparative costs, savings and sustainability impacts of eliminating single use plastics from the business, including an extrapolation of the expected costs and savings in the areas where they are yet to take action. Based on the current auditing process our client is already undertaking it is expected that this may be presented in a similar way to the following for different items in the business: ‘x number of single use plastic item, at z tonnes and y cost, replaced with xx, saving zz tonnes and saving/costing an additional yy pounds’.

Scope of this contract

To support the project aim and objectives set out above, the service provider will be expected to work with the CISL project team over a three-week period to undertake internal research and analysis within the client’s business. The service provider will be required to:

  • Review internal data and costs/savings collected to date within the different areas of the business including: operations and procurement, products and supply chain, production, marketing and events
  • Analyse this data to identify gaps and trends – where there are costing gaps undertake supporting research and calculations to extrapolate the potential future costs or savings to the business of taking action and replacing these items
  • Produce a summary report of findings highlighting where the biggest costs and savings have been and are likely to be for the business in the future, with recommendations for how the costs may be minimised, especially to highlight how Government policy could support this

Through this research and analysis, it is expected that they will also identify areas of particular success that can be developed as case studies.

The report should be no longer than 15 pages of text.

Target audience: the principle audience will be internal CISL and key client stakeholders, although the findings should be written and presented in a way that could be readily taken and used in communications with external business and government audiences

Timing: Timings for key moments and deadlines for deliverables are as follows:

Contract start date and initial briefing meeting with project team – ASAP after appointment – provisional date Thursday 22 March (am)

Research and analysis – to be undertaken between Monday 26th March and Friday 13th April

Present findings: week commencing Monday 16th April


The University intends to award to the most economically advantageous offer or offers in accordance with the following criteria:

  • Demonstrate understanding of the brief
  • Suitability of proposed approach
  • Research and analysis experience
  • Report writing experience
  • Fluency in English
  • Value of quotation

Expressions of interest

If you are interested, please submit the following information to

  • CV
  • Quotation
  • A proposal, describing the approach the summary report
  • Examples of relevant work experience

All proposals must be returned by the proposal date: noon on Friday 16 March 2018

The University expects to decide award of contract within 1 week of the return date. If required, interviews with the shortlisted service providers will take place the week commencing 19 March 2018.

Do not supply any goods or services until you have received confirmation that your proposal has been successful.  Acceptance of the proposal by the University will be in writing. A purchase order will normally be issued.

Please note:

The University will not reimburse any bidding costs.

This Invitation is confidential. Do not discuss with any third parties the bid you intend to make (except professional advisers or joint bidders who need to be consulted) nor canvass your bid for acceptance.

The University will regard submissions as confidential until award.  Information you believe would be exempt from disclosure under the Freedom of Information Act 2000 after award must be individually identified in your submission together with the reason for the exemption and for the non-disclosure period claimed.

Variant bids may be submitted but must clearly identify all variants from the University’s specification and state all cost implications.

Proposals and supporting documents shall be in English.  Any contract subsequently entered into will be subject to English law and jurisdiction. Unless otherwise agreed in writing, proposals and orders are issued subject to the University’s Standard Terms, a copy of which is available upon request.

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