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Consultant required to produce a report for The Prince of Wales’s Corporate Leaders Group (CLG)

The closing date for expressions of interest is 16 August 2017.

Consultant required to produce a report for The Prince of Wales’s Corporate Leaders Group (CLG)

The Future of Road Transport: a business conversation paper

A short, discussion provoking, report highlighting key trends and opportunities for the future of road transport.


To highlight the technological opportunities and necessary policy frameworks to support the transition to a low carbon transport system. The report aims to inform politicians and policymakers providing them with information and confidence to lead this transition. It should also inform a broad range of businesses on the latest trends, the speed of change, and the opportunities available to them.

The report should consider:

  • Technology improvements and opportunities, particularly for electric vehicles and zero emissions transport
  • Ownership models and trends, including vehicle hire schemes
  • Road passenger transport, both private and public
  • Road freight
  • Demand management and implications for air quality
  • Policy options and implications

Target audience 

A broad range of politicians, policymakers and businesses.


Final report to be ready mid-late October to be launched at COP23, Bonn, 6-17 November 2017.

Scope and description

A high-level strategic paper, accessible to non-technical audiences, which summarises key trends, barriers and opportunities for innovation and policy intervention to deliver a low carbon transport transition. The paper should use examples from countries or cities with particular success stories, or ambitious policy frameworks, as case study examples.

The report should be no longer than 10 pages of text.

The report should set the context with particular attention to Europe, including:

  • What infrastructure is needed to enable the transition?
  • What are the current policy gaps, and which policy initiatives could speed up the transition? Consider existing policy examples that could be adopted to help the transition;
  • A ‘facts and figures’ section looking at key countries with different economic situations e.g. different ownership models, autonomy vs car hire and car sharing schemes, fuel efficiency (e.g. diesel vs electric), electrification of transport and impacts on emissions;
  • What businesses are already doing to support the transition to a low carbon transport system, and what could they be doing?
    • Consider businesses both supplying and using the transport sector (e.g. commuters, supply chains, etc.);
  • What other changes are needed to enable the transition? E.g. new technologies, business models, behaviour change, awareness raising activity, access and affordability;
  • Some case studies which highlight the different challenges and opportunities in different European countries e.g. situation in Norway compared with that of an Eastern European country;
  • Any interesting case study examples outside Europe e.g. Singapore, India, the US.

Outside the scope of this report

This report will exclude any in-depth consideration of aviation, maritime and rail transport, focusing primarily on road transport.

Possible approach

We would expect to have an initial briefing meeting to discuss the approach, but it could, for example, be broken down into two main sections as follows:

  • Section 1: Highlights the key issues and opportunities in the transition to low carbon transport.
  • Section 2: Selects 3 or 4 key issues/opportunities from section 1 which would have the biggest impact and discusses these in more depth in terms of the business and policy opportunities.
  • The report should be enlivened by interviews with relevant CLG members and other stakeholders.

Expressions of interest

If you are interested in applying, please submit the following information to by close of business on Wednesday 16 August 2017:

  • CV
  • Quotation
  • Description of the approach you would take to produce the report
  • Examples of relevant work experience


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