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Rewiring leadership: for sustainability leaders

Companies that want thrive in the new global economy are beginning to understand that they need to do more than adapt to their changing context. They need to shape and lead this change.

This has profound implications for how companies develop their current and future leaders. The leadership that is needed from business is no longer about bolt-on approaches to sustainability.

It is about fundamental alignment of purpose that aligns business success with the delivery of positive social and environmental outcomes.


The leadership gap

There is growing public expectation that businesses must step up and take responsibility for delivering positive outcomes for society and the environment. The commercial case for business responsibility is increasingly clear.

But even the most progressive companies who understand what they need to do to succeed are not systematically equipping their people to lead effectively in this changing context, according to recent research carried out by CISL.

Find out more about the current leadership development gap facing companies today. 


What you need to do

You must support your learning and development and HR teams in cultivating the leaders your company needs to succeed in the new global economy. Through recruiting, training and incentivising individuals to succeed in this context, you allow them to help deliver the change needed, not only for your company’s long-term commercial success but also for a sustainable economy that benefits all.

Read our report on how to develop the leadership we need to deliver value for business, society and the environment.

Aligning and collaborating with your HR and L&D teams will:


Provide insight for your organisation's HR and L&D teams into the changing context, commercial opportunities and stakeholder expectation of business performance. Contact us to find out about the commercial value of sustainability for your company. 

Help them see sustainability as a leadership issue, for current and future leaders, and the importance of developing the ability to innovate, manage risk and influence the systems within which they operate. Our executive and graduate education programmes build the leadership your company needs to thrive.  


Build understanding amongst Board members of the new context, evolving stakeholder expectation of business purpose and performance, and implications for your organisation. Let us help your Board lead the way towards a sustainable and prosperous future for your company. 


Our leadership model

Informed by our work with over 9,000 leaders internationally over nearly three decades, the Cambridge Impact Leadership Model describes the leadership we need to deliver value for business, society and the environment.

We need leadership that is:

  • guided by a purpose to align business success with the delivery of positive social and environmental outcomes
  • built on thinking, values and practice to deliver against this purpose
  • reflective and adaptive so leaders hold themselves to account to deliver the results required.

Find out how our leadership model can help your business lead and shape change.  


Our offer

We help build the knowledge, capacity and skills needed for organisations to thrive in today’s context. We work with individuals at all levels from chief executives and Boards, through to middle managers and across entire organisations.

We develop leadership by:

Find out what our clients say about how we are developing leadership for the future.