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Entry routes

There are three entry routes for the PG Dip. 




Route 1

New applicants to Cambridge Institute of Sustainability Leadership graduate programmes

New applicants can apply for admission directly to the PG Dip. Applicants choose to commence their studies by choosing to attend either the Postgraduate Certificate in Sustainable Business (PCSB) or the Postgraduate Certificate in Sustainable Value Chains (PCSVC), (PG cert).

Attending one of these 10-month courses provides the foundation for the PG Dip and is a compulsory element of the course. Both certificates run annually and are worth 60 CATS credits. There is no need to apply to attend the PG Cert separately, and the PG Dip course fee covers the cost of the PG Cert component. (The PG Cert will be awarded upon completion; however this will be forfeited once the PG Dip is awarded, since it is integral to the higher qualification.)  Part 2 of the PG Dip involves attending three Sustainability Leadership Laboratories (Labs).

Depending on a preference for the intensity and duration of the learning, candidates enrolled for the PG Dip have the option to:

  1. Commence attending Labs and working on the additional PG Dip-specific assignments immediately after participating in the first workshop of the PG Cert, enabling completion of the whole Diploma in as little as around 1.5 years; or
  2. Wait until after they have completed the PG Cert before commencing the additional PG Dip-specific components, which can be completed over up to 3 further years.   

Route 2

PCSB and PCSVC alumni

Alumni of PCSB and PCSVC since 2008 can apply to convert their award to the PG Dip. Having gained 60 credits for the successful completion of the Postgraduate Certificate, they can enrol to upgrade their existing award by attending three Sustainability Leadership Laboratories and completing the assignments.

Alumni of PCSB awarded prior to 2008 or of the Postgraduate Certificate in Cross-Sector Partnerships will be required to complete one of CISL’s current Postgraduate Certificates (Postgraduate Certificate in Sustainable Business or the Postgraduate Certificate in Sustainable Value Chains). This is due to the fact that the course they completed did not, at the time of completion, carry the 60 credit points required for admittance to the PG Dip. 

Route 3

Current PCSB and PCSVC candidates

Candidates who join the Postgraduate Certificates but do not enrol for the PG Dip at the time of application are able to apply once they are on the programme if they decide they would like to continue their learning journey. Their application will be reviewed following CISL’s standard application procedures for the PG Dip.

If offered a place on the PG Dip this will be conditional on their successfully completing and passing all aspects of the PG Cert. (One Lab can be attended while completing the PG Cert and credited retroactively once admission to the PG Dip is confirmed.)  


The progression routes between the Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership graduate programmes are explained here.

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Dr Theo Hacking Director, Graduate Programmes

PCSB and PCSVC workshop dates:

Workshop 1: 2–5 July 2018
Workshop 2: 12–15 November 2018