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Why choose this course?

"Really inspiring and I got what I was hoping out of it – to understand the wider sustainability agenda and be able to talk around the wider topics more knowledgeably and with more confidence."

Rosana Elias, Consultant, Sancroft International

Participants successfully completing the programme will:

  • Have a broad understanding of the global social, environmental, economic and ethical ‘system pressures’ affecting business, government and civil society.
  • Obtain a multi-disciplinary perspective on sustainability, with insights from Schools and Departments across the University, and understand the contribution of these fields in addressing sustainability challenges with regard to value chains.
  • Collaborate with PCSVC participants from a range of job functions and geographies for interdisciplinary learning from different supply chain based industries.
  • Hear directly from leading industry figures on how they have addressed value chain challenges and accelerated business growth.
  • Have a clear understanding of the major arguments advanced in the ‘business case’ for sustainable value chains, as well as the research and limitations surrounding these claims.
  • Develop an appreciation for the variety of institutional responses to the challenges identified, including policy development, codes and standards, management and reporting systems and stakeholder engagement.
  • Be able to apply ‘best practice’ tools and techniques to achieve resilient and sustainable value chains.
  • Create a compelling ‘business case’ for sustainability in their sector and/or institutional context, and understand how best to put sustainability principles into practice. 
  • Become a member of our alumni network, which includes over 6,500 Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership alumni, faculty and contributors from around the world, who are leading the way in turning sustainability thinking into practice.

What alumni think of the programme

You may be interested to hear how PCSVC alumni have found the programme. Read some student testimonials. 

In 2013 we surveyed our PCSB alumni and, based on over 60 responses, here are some of their insights into the value of the programme.