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King's College
King's College, Cambridge

Successful completion of PCSB results in a Postgraduate Certificate awarded by the University of Cambridge. This carries 60 CATS points at Level M and is equivalent to one-third of a Master's degree.

Candidates who have successfully completed PCSB are welcome to apply for the Master of Studies in Sustainability Leadership, also delivered by the Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership (CISL). Please be aware that while completing PCSB successfully may strengthen further your application, it does not result in preferential access or negate the need to satisfy the Master’s-specific admission requirements.

Alternatively alumni of the Postgraduate Certificate wanting to continue their formal learning in a more practitioner-focused professional development route may use the credit gained toward the Postgraduate Diploma in Sustainable Business. The PG Dip is the equivalent to two-thirds of a Master’s and is worth 120 CATS points. Our Postgraduate Certificates form Part 1 of the PG Dip. 

It may be possible to transfer the CATS points to Level M programmes of other higher education institutions. As institutions vary on their policies of accepting transferred credits you should contact your preferred institution for further advice.

Workshop dates

Workshop 1: 2–5 July 2018
Workshop 2: 12–15 November 2018

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