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Participants are required to complete three pieces of assessed work. Two are undertaken on an individual basis and the third in a small group of five to seven people. The individual and collaborative assignments will be undertaken using your professional setting as the main point of reference. The assignments relate directly to an organisation or sector's work and concentrate on how to respond to a sustainability challenge or opportunity. Tutors are allocated to support these assignments based on alignment of research interests. There are sessions at the workshops and at least three virtual tutor inputs to support the completion of these assignments.

Individual assignments

The 3,000-word individual assignments are an Analysis Paper and a Strategic Action Plan. The Analysis Paper takes the form of a detailed, critical analysis of a sustainability challenge or opportunity for a chosen organisation, culminating in a clear strategic aim and recommendations for what needs to be done to bring about positive change for sustainability. The Strategic Action Plan builds on the Analysis Paper and asks participants to develop a plan and set of practical recommendations for their organisation/sector on how to address the particular sustainability challenge or opportunity.

Group assignments

In parallel with the individual assignments, participants work in a group to scope and then address a sustainability challenge or opportunity of relevance to a sector or function. With the help of an expert tutor, the group chooses the focus of the project so that it is of interest and relevance to the group members, ensuring that each participant can make a full contribution. The project group meets a number of times during Workshop 1, after which the group continues to develop the project, supported by at least one virtual tutor input. At Workshop 2, the group reviews the outcome of the first part, and finalise the work plan to complete the project. There is at least one final virtual tutor input before the report is submitted.

Workshop dates

Workshop 1: 2–5 July 2018
Workshop 2: 12–15 November 2018

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