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What will I learn?

The programme is uniquely designed to encourage students to lead organisational change by going beyond the practical application of tools and models.  

The content is explored through two workshops: first building awareness of key sustainability issues and the relevance to business; then deepening understanding of the global context in which they operate; and finally exploring practical approaches to achieving change in your organisation.

At the end of the course, participants will have covered some of the key business challenges of the 21st century, including:

  • Defining the boundaries of corporate responsibility in relation to today’s global challenges
  • Devising and implementing effective approaches to socially responsible business, which at the same time encourage innovation and competitiveness
  • Responding to the diverse social, environmental and economic expectations of stakeholders and society at large
  • Identifying the critical skills and experience that will enable an organisation to achieve its sustainability objectives

Workshop dates

Workshop 1: 2–5 July 2018
Workshop 2: 12–15 November 2018

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Senior Programme Manager