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Dissertation Supervisors

A 15,000-word research dissertation is the main assessed item produced during the second year of the programme. While undertaking their research towards the dissertation, our sustainability Master’s students receive oversight from an academic supervisor. Supervisors are selected for their topic-specific and research expertise. A broad spectrum of topics and research methodologies can be accommodated by drawing on academics from across the University and, if necessary, leading external experts. The dissertation is marked by two independent assessors.

A selection of recent supervisors and student dissertation topics is listed below.

Cohort 2 Supervisors and Dissertation Topics

SupervisorDissertation Title(s) Supervised
Dr Nancy Bocken Stock exchanges as a contributor to global sustainable development

Aligning sustainability with investment objectives: Implementing energy efficiency schemes in the commercial real estate sector
Dr Sophie Chapman Natural capital in relation to large-scale remote ecosystems
Dr Alison Cooke Lebanon's commitment to provide 12% of national energy through renewables: Understanding the role of the private sector and their partnership with the public sector
Dr Doug Crawford-Brown The role and contribution of the international maritime transport supply chain in reducing global carbon emissions

An exploratory study of the prospects and challenges on stakeholders collaboration of supply chain pollution prevention and energy efficiency model in China
Dr Liz Curmi Understanding and communicating pressures on future food security through development of quantified scenarios – based on West Africa example 

What is the green economy? A study of environmental economic initiatives and their contribution to sustainable development
Dr Nicky Dee Sustainability-driven entrepreneurship: Perceptions of challenges and obstacles in a South African context

Food waste opportunities in tourism: How social entrepreneurs can create value

An exploratory analysis of eco labels as a motivator in online purchase decisions
Dr Joanna Depledge  Sustainability and green growth: The challenges of policy co-ordination and negotiations in the group of twenty
Dr Mark Esposito The role of MNEs to support sustainable development in mining economies: Transforming natural capital into social and economical capital

Systems approaches to management education for sustainability: A comparative study
Dr Simon Ford How can renewable energy aide the transition to low carbon vehicles?
Dr Ray Galvin Future cities: Smart and sustainable
Dr Theo Hacking The role of extractive industry in driving social development in post-conflict and conflict-affected contexts
Dr Jacqueline Glass  The impact of Environmental Product Declarations on the UK's construction industry
Professor Peter Guthrie How can a greater number of women at the grassroots level, in urban slums, take on the role of change-agents; leading towards more sustainable health cultures
Dr Chris Hope Corporate climate strategy: Internal carbon pricing and other approaches for corporate emissions reductions
Dr Jenny Pope Sustainable air travel: The identification of drivers, enablers and barriers to developing a sustainable and low emissions airline industry

Assessing the relationship between organisational culture and sustainability strategy: The case of Namdeb Diamond Corporation
Dr Maarten van der Kamp Embedding sustainability in the recruitment process – a Bayer AG case study

Participatory multi-stakeholder processes in natural resource management: The potentials and the (un)intended impacts of using information and communication technology (ICT)

An exploratory study on strategic corporate sustainability on "What ‘conditions’ enable business to mobilise and embed ‘sustainability’ in corporate strategy?” – The Case of UN Global Compact Sri Lanka
Professor Dr Rob van Tulder  Shared value for money? A case study of the benefits of Nespresso’s investments in the coffee supply chain