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Combined Graduate Fee


The Combined Graduate Fee (VAT-exempt) for the Master’s 2017–2019 is £23,142 (£11,571 per year) for Home students and £23,466 (£11,733 per year) for Overseas students. [Refer to this page regarding your fee status.] Approximately 25 per cent of the fee covers membership of a Cambridge College, which provides a range of domestic and pastoral services. It excludes accommodation and subsistence costs; however students are offered the option of reasonably priced accommodation, usually at Robinson or Wolfson College.

PCSB and PCSVC alumni

The University fee (VAT-exempt) for the PCSB alumni (since 2008) all PCSVC alumni decreases to £9,351 per year (ie £18,702 in total). The same inclusions and exclusions apply. (To attend the Master's, alumni must satisfy the Master's-specific admissions requirements and apply successfully via the competitive admissions process.)