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Admission requirements

Requirements of applicants

Besides enthusiasm and commitment, applicants must have:

  • At least a 2.i honours degree from a UK University or an equivalent standard from an overseas institution. (Exceptional candidates who do not meet the standard academic requirements may be considered, based on the ability to demonstrate suitability for postgraduate study through professional and other attainments.)  

  • A minimum of three years' work experience.

  • Demonstrable enthusiasm and/or aptitude for sustainability leadership.

  • Good ability in written and spoken English language. Please refer to the guidance on the supporting documents required for applications for details.

  • Endorsement from your employer or, if independent, from an organisation that will be the focus of your work on the programme. 

  • Access to appropriate computer technology and internet software. 

  • The ability to pay the course fees or to identify a sponsoring institution. 

Please be aware that completing the Postgraduate Certificate in Sustainable Business (PCSB) or the Postgraduate Certificate in Sustainable Value Chains (PCSVC) successfully does not negate the need to satisfy the above requirements.


Please contact the Programme Manager for advice if you are uncertain about your eligibility. If you email a copy of your curriculum vitae, we can give you an initial indication of whether we believe the course will suit you.


Director, Graduate Programmes

Workshop dates


Workshop 2: 28 Mar–2 Apr 2015
Workshop 3: 2–8 Aug 2015
Workshop 4: 9–15 Apr 2016


Workshop 1: 30 Aug–5 Sep 2015
Workshop 2: 9–15 Apr 2016
Workshop 3: 31 July–6 Aug 2016
Workshop 4: 26 Mar–1 Apr 2017