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Terms and conditions

Acceptance on to a programme

Acceptance on to a programme is by application and selection only. All applications are reviewed by the Selection Committee. Participants will be accepted on the basis of their ability to meet the selection criteria.

Delegate participation

The Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership (CISL) seminar/workshop process involves group work which can be disrupted by the absence of a delegate from any part of the event. Participants are therefore required to be in residence on-site throughout the programme and be able to attend all sessions.

Membership of our alumni network is also conditional upon full attendance.

Applying for a visa for entering or studying in the United Kingdom

Please note that all programme participants are responsible for arranging their own visa for entry into the UK, should one be required. The residential components of the programme are of short duration and this influences the type of visa that will be granted. CISL can provide an official invitation letter for the programme in order to facilitate the obtaining of a visa specifically for the dates on which the residential components of the programme takes place. If you will require this, please contact us no less than four weeks prior to the programme date. 


Programme places are to be guaranteed with a purchase order number or credit card details. Invoices are payable within 30 days of invoice date.


There is a limited fund for bursaries to assist deserving candidates who are currently prevented from applying due to financial reasons. Bursaries will only part-contribute to course fees rather than covering the whole amount, and participants must demonstrate that they have exhausted all other opportunities in covering as much of the cost as possible before requesting use of the bursary fund.


Cancellations are usually non-refundable; however a discount (up to 25%) may be offered on a future or alternative programme, subject to a place being secured via the standard admissions process. A request to transfer or defer will be subject to approval and is not granted automatically. 

Programme places are not transferable.

Accompanying spouses/wider participation

Unfortunately it is not possible to cater for accompanying spouses or other guests. The seminars are very intensive, and numbers of participants restricted, thus only delegates and speakers may attend the sessions.


In the event of non-payment, we reserve the right to refuse admittance to programme events. Within accredited programmes, submitted assignments will not be assessed and the candidate will not be recommended for an award of credit.