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Objectives, content and outcomes

There are no seminars scheduled for 2016 and 2017.

"Great to meet such a broad mixture of people taking the agenda forward in different ways."

Lynne Madden, Public Health Training and Development, NSW Ministry of Health, Australia

Overall objectives

  • Bring together health sector leaders who are involved in large-scale change in their organisation, sector or clinical area to share the knowledge, policy context and skills necessary to deliver a sustainable future health service; 

  • To share across organisational and international boundaries the potential solutions to the challenges faced by health care organisations and professionals to bring about the relevant changes;

  • To create networks of strategic, operational, and thought leaders in sustainable health care. 

Broad outcomes

  • Allow participants to explore and share their understanding of the latest research, policy changes and case studies on sustainable models of health care, in a rapidly changing social, financial and physical climate; 

  • Understand how sustainability is being and can be embedded as part of the health quality agenda, with sustainability being a solution-based approach to the multiple challenges facing health services globally; 

  • Explore the co-benefits of approaches which enhance environmental sustainability, health and financial savings; 

  • Explore the ways in which stakeholders can be engaged to ensure progress is both strategic and operational and where such progress is collaborative, creative and part of a more fundamental route map in health service modernisation.

Learning approach


Our approach aims to be inspiring and positive, with a focus on practical implementation as well as an understanding of the context and the broader political, technical and behavioural drivers for change.

The workshops and seminars will take a very practical, pragmatic approach; encouraging participants to show how this issue is increasingly part of the core agenda, and how to position themselves as thought and action leaders in the field.

To cater for individual and collective learning, a series of intensive sessions will combine different learning approaches. Participants will be encouraged to apply their experience, challenges, opportunities and knowledge to the practical issues and challenges they, and others, face. The group will be encouraged to be part of the continuing delivery mechanism for future programmes.


Topics will include:

  • Leadership for a sustainable health care sector; 

  • Sharing visions of the future of the health care sector in 20 years’ time;

  • Exploring the possible contributions of a systems-based approach;  

  • Understanding the co-benefits of taking action: health, environment and finance;  

  • Developing models of care compatible with a resilient future;  

  • Methods of communicating complexity and engaging others;  

  • Embedding sustainability into strategies and governance mechanisms.

Overview programme


Download the programme from the May 2014 seminar.

Our network


Delegates will become members of the international alumni network, which engages members through events throughout the year and provides exclusive publications for those wanting to learn more about sustainability and business.

Dr Emily Shuckburgh, British Antarctic Survey: Health & Climate Change