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Drawing on leading University of Cambridge research, we facilitate a flow of knowledge between the University and our network of business leaders and policymakers to support innovative responses to the challenges of sustainability.

  1. Latest


    Embedding the Natural Capital Leaders Platform’s innovation into business 

    The E.Valu.A.Te (Externality Valuation Assessment Tool) represents a suite of resources that brings together comprehensive guidance for environmental externality assessment, stimulated directly by business needs.

  2. Business Briefings on Climate Science


    Understanding the UN Climate Science Reports:
    Business Briefings on the Latest Climate Science

    CISL, together with the Cambridge Judge Business School and the support of the European Climate Foundation, is publishing a series of documents synthesising the most pertinent findings of the UN’s report on climate change for specific economic and business sectors.

  3. Leadership and Strategy


    How can business take leadership towards a sustainable future?

    We work closely with business leaders and senior sustainability professionals to inform the development of corporate vision and strategy. We combine ideas from the latest University research with practical insight from our 5,000 strong alumni network to create and facilitate innovative collaborations within and across business sectors.

  4. Climate and Energy


    How can we meet the current and future energy needs of business and consumers, whilst radically reducing emissions to protect our climate?

    The challenge of moving to a sustainable and stable energy future is one of our key areas of focus. We link companies and policy makers with Cambridge academic experts to explore cutting-edge issues such as low carbon energy supply, improving efficiency in energy-intensive processes, and intelligent demand management.

  5. Poverty and Health


    How can we improve health and reduce poverty throughout the world against a backdrop of globalisation and rapid social and environmental change?

    New industries and employment offer the potential to raise millions out of poverty, prevent the spread of disease and improve access to safe water, yet can also disrupt resource flows and destabilise traditional livelihoods. We work with key industry leaders informed by the University of Cambridge’s research expertise in global food security, international development and public health.

  6. Resource Security


    How can we achieve food security and manage land, water and other resources sustainably, now and in the future?

    The effective management of biodiversity, water, land and other forms of natural capital is key to a sustainable future. We convene inter-disciplinary groups from industry and the University of Cambridge to explore the interplay of social, economic and ecological factors.

  7. Finance and Economy


    How can we shift towards an economic system that invests, innovates, produces and consumes for a sustainable future? 

    The global recession has triggered renewed questions about the role which the financial sector can play in creating a sustainable future. We conduct regular cross-industry collaborations drawing on Cambridge research to explore new methods of investing for a low carbon economy, stimulating technological innovation, and shifting to sustainable models of growth and consumption.

The State of Sustainability Leadership


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