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Cambridge Sustainability Network

About the Cambridge Sustainability Network

The CSN is our international network of sustainability leaders from across the world. It brings together several thousand senior leaders and leading practitioners from across all sectors and regions, representing business, the public sector and civil society.

Cambridge Sustainability Network: the edge

"You have this enormous alumni network to connect with, share experiences with, call on the phone if you need help."
Sarah Severn, Director of Mobilization for Sustainable Business and Innovation, Nike

Members of the CSN include alumni from all of our executive education programmes spanning the past 25 years, members of our business platforms and expert faculty and contributors to our work. The CSN supports its members to share knowledge, foster co-operation and to achieve real change by a range of means: The latest facts and figures can be found in presentations from recent seminars and videos of world-class experts in sustainability in the Members Area of this site. Occasional CSN events provide quality networking and updates on the latest sustainability challenges throughout in London, Cambridge, South Africa, Brussels and Australia. Special events convene world-class experts to highlight the latest sustainability trends or discuss solutions to global critical challenges. CSN members can also stay connected with us through our regular newsletter, private LinkedIn group, or by following updates on Twitter.

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Our goal for the Cambridge Sustainability Network is to become an active network for change – a space to debate ideas and pool experience, and a lever for innovation that will generate solutions to our shared challenges.


CSN Events

Occasional CSN events take place during the year in London, Cambridge, South Africa, Brussels and Australia. These events are free for members and provide quality networking and updates on the latest sustainability challenges. 



 CNS Newsletter

A regular e-newsletter keeps our network updated on CISL latest news and events.

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Join our CSN LinkedIn group

Many of you will already be using LinkedIn. Through this popular portal, we manage two groups; an open group for those interested in our work and a private group for members of the CSN to connect with each other, share ideas and start discussions with like-minded peers. Access to the CSN group can be found in the Members Area.




CISL on TwitterFollow us at @CISL_Cambridge to receive updates from CISL around sustainability news, issues and comments.



"The Network is a fertile ground for new ideas and provides a great opportunity to share best practice and challenges with executives from a range of industry sectors."
Paul Turner, Lloyds Banking Group
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