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Master of Studies in Sustainability Leadership

Application & Fees

Applications for the MSt 2015–17 are now open. The deadline for applications is Monday 6 April 2015. Please contact if you have any queries about your eligibility.

2013 Graduation of Master's Students

Graduation of Master's Students; photo credit Neal Mehta, MSt 2010–12

Requirements of Applicants

Besides enthusiasm and commitment, applicants must have:

  • At least a 2.i honours degree from a UK University or an equivalent standard from an overseas institution. (Exceptional candidates who do not meet the standard academic requirements may be considered, based on the ability to demonstrate suitability for postgraduate study through professional and other attainments.)  

  • A minimum of three years' work experience.

  • Demonstrable enthusiasm and/or aptitude for sustainability leadership.

  • Good ability in written and spoken English language. Please refer to the guidance on the supporting documents required for applications for details.

  • Endorsement from your employer or, if independent, from an organisation that will be the focus of your work on the programme.

  • Access to appropriate computer technology and internet software.

  • The ability to pay the course fees or to identify a sponsoring institution.

Please be aware that completing the Postgraduate Certificate in Sustainable Business (PCSB) or the Postgraduate Certificate in Sustainable Value Chains (PCSVC) successfully does not negate the need to satisfy the above requirements.


Please contact the Programme Manager for advice if you are uncertain about your eligibility. If you email a copy of your curriculum vitae, we can give you an initial indication of whether we believe the course will suit you.


The Programme Fee (VAT-exempt) for the 2015- 2017 Master's is £8,750 per year (i.e. £17,500 in total). In addition to this fee participants will have to pay the College Fee (VAT–exempt) which is expected to be £1,480. The College Fee is levied by the College granting membership to cover the cost of providing a range of domestic and pastoral services.

These fees exclude accommodation and subsistence costs; however students are offered the option of reasonably priced accommodation, usually at Robinson or Wolfson College.

PCSB Alumni

The total Master's Programme Fee for PCSB alumni decreases to £6,500 per year (i.e. £13,000 in total). PCSB alumni will also have to pay the College Fee for both years of the programme. (To attend the Master’s, PCSB alumni must satisfy the Master’s-specific admissions requirements and apply successfully via the competitive admissions process.)


CISL does not yet have scholarship or bursary funding available to cover the fees for the Master of Studies in Sustainability Leadership, and participants are not eligible to apply to the Cambridge Trusts. Once on the programme, small grants might be available from the alumni bursary fund to support eligible research activities.

The University’s Institute of Continuing Education lists a number of possible sources of funding for part-time study. We have also have compiled a list of resources, which might be helpful in identifying potential sources of funding. Generally, funding for part-time study is limited, since the format is considered to be geared towards employee-supported and/or self-funded students.

Terms and Conditions  

Acceptance on to the Programme

Acceptance on to the programme is by application and selection via a competitive process. All applications are reviewed by the CISL Selection Committee and approved by the programme’s Academic Advisory Committee, Institute of Continuing Education, and Degree Committee of the Judge Business School.

Delegate Participation

The CISL seminar/workshop process involves group work which can be disrupted by the absence of a delegate from any part of the event. Participants are therefore required to be in residence on-site throughout the programme and be able to attend all sessions.

Membership of the Cambridge Sustainability Network is also conditional upon full attendance.

Applying for a Visa for Entering or Studying in the United Kingdom

Please note that all programme participants are responsible for arranging their own visa for entry into the UK, should one be required. The residential components of the programme are of short duration and this influences the type of visa that will be granted. CISL can provide an official invitation letter for the programme in order to facilitate the obtaining of a visa specifically for the dates on which the residential components of the programme takes place. If you will require this, please contact us no less than four weeks prior to the programme date.


Programme places are only confirmed once the required financial guarantees have been received. Invoices are payable within 30 days of invoice date.


Cancellations are usually non-refundable. A request to intermit will be subject to approval and is not granted automatically. Programme places are not transferable.

Accompanying Spouses/Wider Participation

Unfortunately, it is not possible to cater for accompanying spouses or other guests. The seminars are very intensive, and numbers of participants restricted, thus only delegates and speakers may attend the sessions.


In the event of non-payment, we reserve the right to refuse admittance to programme events. Within accredited programmes, submitted assignments will not be assessed and the candidate will not be recommended for an award of credit.

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Apply Here

Applications for the MSt are made via the Institute of Continuing Education website.

For any queries, contact

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Fergus Kirkpatrick
Graduate Programmes Manager

T: +44 (0)1223 768816