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Executive Programmes. Photo by Peter Reid,

FAQs: Executive Programmes

Which executive education programmes do you run, and when are they held?

We run a variety of leadership and sustainability programmes throughout the year, including The Prince of Wales’s Business & Sustainability Programme (typically, April in the UK and November in continental Europe, Australia and South Africa, with a new seminar in Brazil); the Leadership Programme for Sustainable Development in the Health and Care Sector (March and October, in the UK); and the Sustainability Practitioner Programme (in March and August, in South Africa and in March in Australia).

Where do you run the sustainability and business programmes?

Our business and sustainability programmes are delivered in a variety of international locations. Many happen in Cambridge, UK, which is our home base; here we are surrounded by the historic centre of town and by the excellent conferencing centres which form part of the University of Cambridge's infrastructure. Other programmes are run in Cape Town (South Africa), Brussels (Belgium) or Melbourne (Australia). The location is determined by many factors, including the market need (for example where there is a significant gap for sustainability training and/or business sustainability courses), our identification of opportunities to bring University of Cambridge learning methods to a particular geographical location, and strategic relevance and convenience of the location as a business hub for key regions. We also work with local partners to develop open programmes for key sectors and regions.

How long are the sustainability courses?

Our corporate sustainability courses typically range from 1.5 to 3.5 days, but will occasionally be longer or shorter depending upon audience need. Customised programmes can be much longer or shorter and include various cohorts. After each programme, delegates join our sustainability network. 

How much do the sustainability courses cost?

They cost from £900 to £3,950 per person. Customised programmes’ costs vary depending on the clients’ needs.

I don’t work in the private sector; are the programmes suitable for me?

Many, but not all of our programmes, have a particular focus on sustainability and business. However, companies increasingly recognise that they need to engage constructively with colleagues from civil society and government to work towards system-level change. We therefore encourage the participation of key leaders and decision-makers in non-private sector organisations, whose work nevertheless relates to private sector engagement and collaboration, and who would benefit from participation in a forum alongside business executives and sustainability practitioners. By attending one of our seminars, they can gain greater insight into the way in which businesses are leading and responding to sustainability, and explore collaborative responses.

In addition, because of the focus on embedding sustainability within organisations and on achieving system-level change, our executive programmes have significant direct relevance to senior leaders in major civil society and government organisations.

How do I apply?

You can apply online. All applications are vetted by a selection panel who will be looking at all applicants’ needs for executive education and sustainability courses based on their role and seniority, fluency in the English language and ability to pay or to identify a sponsoring institution.

Where can I read more about sustainability leadership?

CISL brings the latest thinking from expert practitioners and academics to enrich all its work with business leaders and policymakers.

Our resources outline the scale and nature of the sustainability challenge, highlight the thought leadership of experts from the CISL network and showcase the powerful calls for policy change from leaders in business and civil society convened by CISL.

Our own applied research draws on our experience of working with leaders to distil key lessons and insights through publications and online learning materials.

How do I find out more about your seminars?

Our team is always delighted to discuss the needs of individuals and organisations interested in learning more about sustainable business.

Does CISL run any other programmes or business and sustainability initiatives?

CISL runs a variety of learning interventions in the form of executive programmes and courses focusing on strategy and leadership in sustainability and on sustainable development more generally. We also run customised programmes, tailored to suit the specific needs of organisations and/or of the national context in which they operate. Likewise, if you are interested in sustainability studies, our University of Cambridge accredited graduate-study courses (the Master of Studies in Sustainability Leadership, the Postgraduate Certificate in Sustainable Business and the Postgraduate Certificate in Sustainable Value Chains) may be of interest.

CISL’s involvement on business sustainability goes beyond executive education programmes and seminars. Through our business platforms we focus on issues where business can have a significant impact on policy and business practice and where collective action is needed.

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