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Executive Education Programmes in Sustainability – Customised Programs from CPSL

About Custom Programmes

Our customised programmes build on CISL’s 25 years’ experience of designing and delivering executive education for leading organisations. We work with multinational companies, development banks, industry associations and governmental agencies to empower senior executives to create a shared vision and take leadership on sustainability.

Customised Programmes delivered by Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership

Core to our approach is a belief that long-term organisational success will require decision-makers in mainstream roles to understand the changing context. Our custom programmes target board members, Chief Executives, and individuals at the heart of the organisation, to equip them with the confidence and knowledge to incorporate sustainability into their activities.

We provide a safe, independent yet challenging and stimulating forum for senior leaders, promoting peer-to-peer engagement to create a strategy that reconciles organisational resilience with profit and growth.

Our customised programmes do this by building capacity in individuals to:  

  • Understand the changing social, environmental and economic context in which they operate, and the implications of global pressures and trends to existing value chains, industries and markets;

  • Set organisational strategy and take actions to reconcile profitability and economic growth with constrained resources;

  • Shape their organisational culture, engage employees and identify how to influence key stakeholder groups inside and outside the organisation;

  • Identify commercially-relevant responses to the changing context and establish paradigms for responsible innovation; and

  • Feel inspired to act on sustainability. 
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Our Client: WSP

"Offering sustainability and climate change services was a clearly established business priority. We are now better positioned to capitalise on it."
Stuart McLachlan, Global Managing Director, WSP Environment & Energy

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Paul Begley,
Development Director

T: +44 (0)1223 768850