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Business Platforms

CISL's business platforms set the standard for progressive business commentary and action on sustainability. We convene partners around problems of shared interest, then work with them to identify solutions and advocate change.

  1. Our Approach


    We focus on issues where business can have a significant impact on policy and business practice and where collective action is needed.

    Our leadership groups help senior practitioners identify what needs to change within their sector or system, and take practical action to achieve this with their peers. Our collaboratories are time-bound problem-solving groups which focus on particular sustainability challenges. Together we call these our business platforms.

    A wide variety of expertise is drawn upon to support the groups, including research from the University of Cambridge.

  2. Climate Change


    Climate change is a profoundly important issue for business, with its capacity to shift markets, trigger regulation and generate opportunities and risks. What role should companies take in shaping the solutions?

    We bring together business leaders from major UK, EU and international companies who see the need for greater urgency and ambition from policymakers on climate change and the creation of a low carbon economy.

    Corporate Leaders Group (CLG) 
    Green Growth Platform
    UK Procurement
    Corporate Leaders Network for Climate Action (CLN)
    Schools: The Atlas Project

  3. Natural Capital


    In an era of increasing resource scarcity, can companies learn how to enhance rather than erode the natural world?

    The Natural Capital Leaders Platform is a major business-led programme focusing on practical action and policy influence. It brings together influential companies with a global reach, working to address the impacts of ecosystems and natural capital loss and degradation on business, customers and wider society.

    Natural Capital Leaders Platform 
    Natural Capital Leaders Compact
    Sustainable Water Stewardship

  4. Banking


    Many people recognise that the finance system does not always incentivise or reward long-term thinking. So what could banks be doing to build a system that does?

    The Banking Environment Initiative was convened in 2010 to identify new ways in which banks can collectively stimulate the direction of capital towards environmentally and socially sustainable economic development. The centrepiece of its strategy is close collaboration with corporate clients so that, with CISL’s help, BEI members can identify how changing bank practice and product innovation can better support client needs. 

    Banking Environment Initiative 

  5. Insurance


    Insurance companies are world experts in risk. How can they use their knowledge and influence to drive action on climate change?

    ClimateWise is the global insurance industry’s leadership group on climate risk. It leverages the industry’s expertise to better understand, communicate and act on the impacts of climate change. Members commit to action against the ClimateWise Principles and are independently reviewed against these annually.


  6. Investment


    Only a small amount of the world’s private capital is currently directed towards the public good. Can this balance be shifted whilst delivering adequate returns to owners?

    The investment industry is grappling with the implications of environmental and social risks on investment returns and financial stability. Building on our relationships with the global financial services sector, CISL has established a business platform to explore how investors can generate sustainable development as an outcome of the investment process.

    Investment Leaders Group
    Clean Energy Finance Solutions – Central and Eastern Europe

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